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Happy World Book Night

Hi everyone! Happy World Book Night! Oh what a great day when we can celebrate books!

I always loved the sound of World Book Night, even before knowing anything about it! I brings to mind secret meetings to share a great love of books. I can imagine candles and cellars, and dark corners as people smuggle books to one another. No idea why but I certainly like the idea, and it’s not terribly far from the truth!

For one thing it is about sharing loved books. The main content of World Book Night is to share books. Every year 25 books are chosen by the public to be shared with the world. Readers can then apply to receive 24 copies of these books which they can give away as they choose- although the idea is to try and giveaway books to those who may not usually read or have access to books.

There’s also the link with Bookcrossing which adds an air of mystery. Bookcrossing is about chronicling a book’s journey and all its readers- it’s something that happens all year round (and which I am involved in). The mystery being that you never know where a book could end up, I have journals entries from books which have traveled all over the world.

Unfortunately I didn’t get in early enough to ask for my copies of books this year- but I hope to next time!

There are some bloggers who are posting about what they are doing however:

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Find Out More:

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