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The end of another #bloggiesta

Oh I do not want this bloggiesta to end! I am so close to finishing my whole list!

The things I have left to do are things which I will end up having to do anyway this week so it shouldn’t be to bad! I purposefully left them for next because I wouldn’t be able to put them off for to long anyway.

I have got lots done:

  • Cross-posted my reviews to Amazon
  • Contacted a couple of people about the possibility of making me a new header
  • Updated my masterlists
  • Cleared out my google reader- I was sad to see how many bloggers are no longer blogging
  • Sorted out my blogroll to make sure all the links are of active blogs/sites and that all the bloggers I follow are listed.
  • Written and scheduled the next 2 Top 10 Tuesday posts
  • Updated my review policy
  • Updated me Children’s Hour Page
  • Added links to other reviews on reviews as far back as February
  • Sorted out my twitter list, unfollowing some people, creating groups.
  • Visited lots of other blogs
  • Taken part in Smash Attack Read’s Grade Yourself Mini-Challenge and been very proud of my score of 89
  • Updated my Goodreads reviews
  • Taken part in 2 twitter parties.
  • Replied to outstanding comments
  • Responded to author/publicist e-mails, and cleared out my inbox
  • Backed-up blog
  • Written a custom message for e-mail subscribers

The next bloggiesta is provisionally scheduled for March 29th-31st.

Thank you to the 1stdaughter and Suey for hosting, for everyone who has visited my blog and offered support this weekend. And to everyone who has participated. Roll on March!



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Bloggiesta Day 3

I feel a like I got less done yesterday than I did on Friday- but I think that is mainly because I did more things which took a long time.

So yesterday I:

  • Took part in a twitter party
  • Added my blog to blognation
  • Sorted the people I follow on twitter into groups. This took much longer than I had anticipated, partly because the list kept randomly jumping up, and partly because I had imaged that I might be able to add people to a group in bulk.
  • Sorted out my google reader. I was shocked at the number of bloggers who hadn’t posted for a year or more ūüė¶ some of whom were bloggers whose blogs I had really enjoyed. I was quite happy to find I didn’t have to delete many blogs because I no longer read them, however.
  • Sorted out blogroll
  • Backed-up my blog
  • Visited and commented on some other blogs
  • Updated my review lists
  • Added review of Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares to netgally

How did your second day of bloggiesta go?


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Bloggiesta Day 2

It’s day 2 of bloggiesta. I’m quite happy with the amount I got done last night, but I’ve done most of the easy things now!

So far I have:

  • Contacted a couple of people in regards to making a banner for my blog.
  • Updated my Children’s Hour page so all my children’s hour posts are listed, and to add a bit of explanation
  • Whittled down my twitter list- basically deleting authors whose books I haven’t read/don’t plan on reading. This should mean my twitter feed is made up of more of what I’m interested in. I have yet to create groups.
  • Visited and commented on a few other blogs
  • Responded to outstanding comments- although I have more to reply on which were posted while I was sleeping.
  • Updated my Goodreads reviews
  • Updated my Amazon reviews
  • Read and responded to author/publicist e-mails
  • Taken part in 1 mini-challenge. I did Smack Attack’s Grade Yourself Challenge. My grade came out as 89 which I’m really chuffed with. The only things it said was that I don’t have enough of my posts tweeted or shared on facebook, and that I could add more tags to my photos. The first I’m not sure how to go about improving. With the second I’m unsure whether I can add tags without breaking my amazon affiliate links

How did your first day of bloggiesta go?


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