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Children’s Hour: Weather Books

Children’s Hour is the weekly feature where I look at picture books I have encountered during my work at nursery. My reviews contain children’s opinions which are usually from the children in toddler room (so they are all 2). Sometimes I also have books which my niece and nephew are enjoying too.

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The image (if you were wondering) is taken from Shirley’s Hughes’ Alfie and Annie-Rose books which I loved as a child.
The toddlers have been really interested in weather books recently. They’ve been asking to read Weather (Little Princess) and Weather (Learn With Thomas). In fact almost all the toddlers came and listened to one of my colleagues reading the Thomas weather book yesterday- completely independently.

Both books are pretty simple. The Little Princess book shows different weathers and shows how they feel (e.g. “the rain is wet”) and how the Little Princess copes with it (e.g. “but we are dry” showing the Princess with an umbrella, and rain clothes). You can ask questions about the pictures, and about what the weather is like, and sometimes the kids make comments on the pictures. It’s more storylike than the Thomas book.

The Thomas book shows different engines in different weathers and small pictures of things associated with that weather which they can find in the main picture. It’s more interactive than the Princess book, but it’s sort of forced interactiveness, and I find the kids are often more interested in the trains than the rest of the pictures.

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