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The TV Book Club: Room

I watched Channel 4’s TV Book Club on and off last series and added a few books from my wishlist because of it (although the only one I’ve actually read so far that I heard about because of the show is The Help). This weekend they talked about Room which I read towards the end of last year. I was really looking forward to seeing what they had to say about it. Well what can I say I was hoping for a different view, maybe for someone to have some great insight, or to not like it, but it wasn’t so. Their discussion really didn’t cover anything my own review hadn’t. The only new thing really was that for an escapist reader it’s a bit of a depressing- but still great- book, which is something I mentioned in not so many words myself. In fact they really said very little of any substance.

The interview with Emma Donoghue was pretty interesting and made me look at things in different ways. She talked about how the objects in Room were like Jack’s friends which is something I hadn’t noticed, but I can really see now, and it makes me wonder what else I didn’t spot in Room.

The TV Book Club is reading The News Where You Are this series too, I wonder if they’ll have any new insights.


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