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Top 10 books dealing with tough issues

Top 10 Sites I Visit that AREN'T About Books

It’s Tuesday again so The Broke and the Bookish are hosting Top Ten Tuesday.

This week it’s top 10 books which deal with tough issues.

1) Handle with Care- Jodi Picoult. In this book a mother is suing her midwife believing that she should have been told that her daughter would be born with brittle bones. It’s difficult because it suggests that if the mother had known she would not have continued with the pregnancy. It also follows her daughter and the issues she has. All of Picoult’s books deal with tough issues but this one hits harder to home because I have a similar (though less severe) condition. Which I talked about in my review

2) Eva- Peter Dickinson I read this as a teenager and it’s still one of my most recommended books. It’s a strange sort of animal rights book. It’s set in the future and a girl who was in a major accident has her brain transplanted into a chimpanzee. She finds herslef in a sort of limbo between the world of the chimps and the human world.

3) Night Waking- Sarah Moss at time of writing this is my current read (although I’ll probably have posted the review before this post goes up). The story focuses on a mother and all her issues with being a mother. She finds a baby’s skeleton in her garden and becomes obsessed with finding out who it was. There are quite a few issues covered, working parents,  child abuse, death, infanticide, anorexia. It’s a tough read emotionally but worth it I think.

4) Reservation Road- John Burnham Schwartz This novel follows a family after their child is killed by a hit and run driver, and follows the driver of the car.

5) Bad Girls- Jacqueline Wilson until I was about 14 I used to read every single one of Jacqueline Wilson’s books, all of which deal with issues faced by children. Bad Girls, which talks about bullying, peer pressure, and friends was one of my favourites. It was the story of Mandy who is bullied by her classmates. One day she meets Tanya and they become friends, but is Tanya more trouble that she’s worth.

6) Deenie- Judy Blume Another author, one read by most teenagers, who deals with teenage issues this time. Deenie is a popular girl then she finds out she has a curved spine and will have to wear a back brace. Basically tragedy to a teenager.

7) Speak- Laurie Halse Anderson is another I read as a teenager. A teenage girl starts high school after an event at a party led her to call the police. She’s basically a social outcast, and she still can’t talk about what happened.

8) Room- Emma Donoghue is the story of a woman who was kipnapped and had her abductor’s child. Hard hitting but fantastically written.

9) Mockingbird- Kathryn Erkskien is the story of an autistic girl who looses her brother. We see her life and her brother’s death thorough her eyes.

10) Middlesex- Jeffrey Eugenides follows Cal as she grows up. Cal knows she is different but doesn’t realise that she is actually neither female or male.


Special mentions go to The Help, The Virgin Suicides, books by Paula Danziger, and Kerb Crawling


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