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Top 10 Sequels

Top 10 Sites I Visit that AREN'T About Books

It’s Tuesday again so The Broke and the Bookish are hosting Top Ten Tuesday.

This week it’s Top 10 Sequels. I’m not a big series reader so might not make it to 10, but surely that means the series I read are really good…or possibly I can’t leave a series unfinished…errr…yeah.

Links lead to reviews, pictures lead to amazon. In no particular order.

1) The Harry Potter books I could have cheated and done each one as a top ten (that would get rid of 6!) but that’s cheating really! My favourites are Chamber of Secrets and Half-Blood Prince, can you see the connection?

2) The Subtle Knife I love Northern Lights (The Golden Compass- if you insist), and I do think it’s the best of the series, but The Subtle Knife is my favourite of the sequels.

3) Dearly Devoted Dexter again I prefered the first, but I enjoyed Dearly Devoted Dexter a lot too, it’s the only other book of the series I’ve read so far

4) Teacher Man, I just loved seeing how far McCourt had come since Angela’s Ashes. Rather an inspiring sequel.

5) Meatball Sandwich and Cream Crumb it’s been a while since I’ve raved about Scott Stabile’s Brooklyn Bites series, but it remains the best indie fiction I’ve read. I urge you all to read it

6) Catching Fire yeah maybe a bit of a stretch (err we need to carry on this series…what shall we do…?) but still actually awesome

7) 1Q84 Book 2 the best is the trilogy as far as I’m concerned (I was intending to write my review of book 3 today, but ended up doing this instead)

8) Birdsong yes, it is a sequel! After The Girl at The Lion d’Or and Charlotte Grey. Both good, just not as good as Birdsong.

9) The Cliff Path second of the Shouting Wind trilogy. And second best.

10) I had just signed off and I realised I didn’t mention Thursday Next? But do I really have to pick a best sequel?!

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