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Film of the book: The Great Gatsby

So apparently there are no trailers of The Great Gatsby without some rather big spoilers. This TV spot if fairly safe I think, although not as amazing as some of the full trailers.

Let me preface this this review by saying;¬† firstly, when I read the book of The Great Gatsby I wasn’t overwhelmed, I enjoyed it well enough but I wouldn’t have said it was the best thing I’ve ever read. Secondly, I was looking forward to this film from when I first heard about it (last year). I love Baz Lurhmann films, Romeo + Juliet and Moulin Rouge are amongst my very favourite films. Plus his forte is cinematic¬† scenes, and there are certainly plenty of those in Gatsby!

I have been trying to get to see The Great Gatsby since it was released, but, with one thing and another, hadn’t actually managed it until a couple of days ago. This meant that I saw quite a few reviews from bloggers before I actually saw it, and quite a few seem to be negative. This made me a little anxious that I may have built my hopes up too high.

However I didn’t find this to be the case. I liked the film a lot, and, actually, I think it increased my appreciation of the book. It made me see things in a different way to how reading it had, and that gave me a more positive view of it. I may even go back and re-read now.

It wasn’t exactly as I expected. It was actually pretty funny at times. I loved how Gatsby was portrayed as a bit awkward at times, it made him more human. I had mixed emotions about how Nick was portrayed. I found Tobey Maguire actually made a more believeable Nick that I had expected him to be, but I did dislike how the Jordan element was taken away- it made Nick’s interest in Gatsby seem to have another level, maybe that was just me?

As for the cinematic scenes? Pretty much as I expected, although sometimes scenes which I wasn’t anticipating to be great scenes actually were better than some of those that I expected to see.


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