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Film of the book: The Great Gatsby

So apparently there are no trailers of The Great Gatsby without some rather big spoilers. This TV spot if fairly safe I think, although not as amazing as some of the full trailers.

Let me preface this this review by saying;  firstly, when I read the book of The Great Gatsby I wasn’t overwhelmed, I enjoyed it well enough but I wouldn’t have said it was the best thing I’ve ever read. Secondly, I was looking forward to this film from when I first heard about it (last year). I love Baz Lurhmann films, Romeo + Juliet and Moulin Rouge are amongst my very favourite films. Plus his forte is cinematic  scenes, and there are certainly plenty of those in Gatsby!

I have been trying to get to see The Great Gatsby since it was released, but, with one thing and another, hadn’t actually managed it until a couple of days ago. This meant that I saw quite a few reviews from bloggers before I actually saw it, and quite a few seem to be negative. This made me a little anxious that I may have built my hopes up too high.

However I didn’t find this to be the case. I liked the film a lot, and, actually, I think it increased my appreciation of the book. It made me see things in a different way to how reading it had, and that gave me a more positive view of it. I may even go back and re-read now.

It wasn’t exactly as I expected. It was actually pretty funny at times. I loved how Gatsby was portrayed as a bit awkward at times, it made him more human. I had mixed emotions about how Nick was portrayed. I found Tobey Maguire actually made a more believeable Nick that I had expected him to be, but I did dislike how the Jordan element was taken away- it made Nick’s interest in Gatsby seem to have another level, maybe that was just me?

As for the cinematic scenes? Pretty much as I expected, although sometimes scenes which I wasn’t anticipating to be great scenes actually were better than some of those that I expected to see.


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The Great Gatsby- F. Scott Fitzgerald

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This book was read as part of The Rory List

Synopsis (from Amazon)

Jay Gatsby is a self-made man famed for his decadent, champagne-drenched parties. Despite being surrounded by Long Island’s bright and beautiful, he longs only for Daisy Buchanan. In shimmering prose, Fitzgerald shows Gatsby pursue his dream to its tragic conclusion.


So what can I say? Is The Great Gatsby great? (God how clichéd, I wonder how many times that has been written?) Well to be honest not really. I know lots of people love it but I must admit most of the time I was just waiting for something to happen. Then when finally things seemed to be starting to happen it ended. Actually the tone reminded me of Catcher in the Rye (which I wasn’t that impressed by either).

Having said that it was an easy read for a ‘classic’. And quite short.

I like the look of the film too. I can see Baz Lurhmann doing the extravagance well (after all he did make Moulin Rogue)


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