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The Book Jar

book jar

So today I have been making my book jars. An idea I first saw on Laura’s blog, Devouring Texts and she saw on Alex in Leeds.

I made two. The bigger clear one is for my paper books and the little orange one is for my kindle books. To make an extra distinction (and because they’re pretty) I made my paper book options into paper cranes.

Basically the idea is for a book jar to be a sort of lucky dip. On each piece of paper is written a book from your to be read pile. Not sure what to read next? Pick a piece of paper and read the book written on that paper. Mine isn’t colour coded like Alex’s, the colours just for prettiness.

I think it’s going to give a good chance to those books I’ve had for a long time but somehow never read. I just wish I’d had it during my post Life After Life reading flunk.

For fun here’s a tutorial on how to make an origami crane. They’re pretty easy, the only origami I can make actually (although I have managed to make a parrot a couple of times with lots of instruction.). This is the only video I could find that used the exact same method I do- but I’m sure other methods work.


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It’s (not!) Fridaaaaay

…and that means the Book Blog Hop is here!

And this week’s question is a bit difficult, ’cause I don’t really know the answer

How many books do you own? This can include books in your to-be-read (TBR) pile(s) and books you have already read that are on your keeper shelf.

As far as books I own, I have no idea at all. I recently packed up the books in my room, and that was about 6 boxes, not to mention my other books around the house. My TBR pile in paper books is at about err 20 books and I have I think about 10 on my kindle…possibly a few more. It’s actually quite big for me, I usually at least attempt to stay in single figures…

Note: for some reason this didn’t post properly on Friday…but I thought it had. I apologise for anyone who tried to visit only to find the link didn’t work


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Grab a sentence from the nearest… | The Daily Post at WordPress.com

Grab a sentence from the nearest… | The Daily Post at WordPress.com.

Grab the nearest book (or website) to you right now. Jump to paragraph 3, second Sentence. Write it in a post.

Yay again a question I can answer. And I like this game, I sometimes play it on my personal journal.

My sentence comes from Sarah’s Key- Tatiana De Rosnay, a book from my To Be Read pile.

“She remembered the recent, hushed conversations she had overheard, late at night, when her parents thought she was asleep”.

Makes this book really sound like I’d hope it will be, moving, sad, emotional.


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On book bans and book buying.

In an attempt to save money I’m on a book buying ban. I’m not allowing myself to buy any more books until I have cut my To Be Read pile down to the single figures. This shouldn’t really be a hard thing, my current TBR pile is at 14 books.

But here’s my problem. After finishing Midnight’s Children I was planning on re-reading To Kill a Mockingbird. Partly because it’s the 50th anniversary of it being published, and partly because it’s on the Rory Gilmore Book Challenge List. Oh and of course because it’s well worth a re-read. I have torn my bookshelves apart, I was sure I knew where it was but I cannot find my copy of To Kill a Mockingbird anywhere. So I think to myself it will turn up, I will pick up something else. Only here’s the problem nothing on my TBR list inspires me. I want to read them all but none of them I really feel like reading now.

The TBR list

Bram Stoker- Dracula
Monica Ali- In the Kitchen
Ian McEwan- Atonement
E. B. White- Charlotte’s Web
Jane Austen- Emma
JRR Tolkien- Lord of the Rings
The Brother’s Grimm Fairytales
Margaret Atwood- Oryx and Crake
Daphne du Maurier- Rebecca
Jane Austen- Sense and Sensibility
Carlos Ruiz Zafon- The Shadow of the Wind
Frank L. Baum- The Wizard of Oz

Magyk- Angie Sage
Spies- John Flynn

(books in italics are book challenge books)

So this is how I see it, I have 3 options…

  1. Go to Waterstones and buy new book(s)
  2. Wait until Monday and  go to the library after work
  3. Pick a book off my TBR pile anyway and just read it
  4. oh and I suppose spend all day looking for To Kill a Mockingbird

For  me 1 of course sounds like the best option. I get a book to read now that I actually want to read (and you know I really, really want to get my hands on The Perks of Being a Wallflower, which they don’t have at the library). I know there’s a 3 for 2 on all fiction so I could get a bargain. Oh and it’s been so long since I bought a book (mainly because my Mum’s books keep finding their way onto my TBR pile), and actually only 3 books on my TBR pile belong to me so obviously that means I had quite a while without buying a book. But it does mean breaking my ban, and it was only the other week I broke my Lush ban….(having said that I have run out of conditioner and shampoo recently which means I was allowed to break my ban to buy those things).

I need to go to buy toothpaste anyway so maybe I’ll just pop into Waterstones and have a look….


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It’s time to do the hop.

It’s Friday and that means it’s time for the book blogger hop. This great event, hosted every week at crazy-for-books.com , is a way for book bloggers to find one another (and has a scary effect on your wishlist!). Why not hop over there and have a look?

If you’re visiting from the hop, hi! I hope you like my blog, leave a comment somewhere and I’ll make sure I visit you back.

Every week Jennifer asks a question this weeks question is:

How many books do you have on your ‘to be read shelf’?

Mine isn’t too bad. I have a rule (which I am constantly breaking) that I can’t buy more books unless my TBR pile is in the single figures, even when I ignore the rule it keeps my pile out of the crazy levels. At the moment it’s at 16 books.


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