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Bookish Gifts 2014

It’s that time of year again, time for the bookish gifts post. I’ve got lots of gifts for you this year. Merry Christmas! (Or Happy Holidays f you prefer). Prices are correct at time of publication.

Some of the items from my old bookish gift posts are also still for sale.

Alice in Wonderland ‘pouch‘. From Out of Print. Other styles are available. $12

Espresso Patronum t-shirt. From Bookriot. For lovers of coffee and books. $22

Great Writers Magnetic Finger Puppets. From The Literary Gift Company. Includes Shakespeare, Virginia Wolfe,  Dickens and Tolstoy. £19.95

Emily Dickinson Poetry Tights. From Coline Designs @ Etsy. No a fan of Emily Dickinson? You can also choose your own print. £16.39

Little Women Sweatshirt. From Out of Print. Other designs are available. $40

Book Necklace. From Bookriot. $18.00

Bathtub Tray. From The Literary Gift Company. Space for a book and two glasses. £49.95

Owl Bookend and Glasses Holder. From Uligo @ Etsy This would be helpful to me, I take me glasses off when reading sometimes and the forgot where I put them. Also available in other colours. £41.48

East and West Egg joining necklaces. From Bookriot. Also available in silver. $30.00

Literary Map of the UK. From The Literary Gift Company. £12.00

Banned Books Socks. From Uncommon Goods. £8.11

Personal Library Embosser. From Horchow. $26.00

Team Edward Rochester t-shirt. From Cafepress. Other colours are available. £18.00

Storybook recorder. From Hammacher Schlemmer. $69.95

Marauder’s Map Dress. From Blackmilk. Other Harry Potter clothing is available. $95.00 AUD

Finger Pointing Bookmark. From amazon. Point to the line you stopped reading at. $7.14

Bookish Smell Candles. From Frostbeard @ Etsy. £9.22

Toilet Roll Holder Book Rest. From The Literary Gift Company. £25.00



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Bookish Gifts 2013

It’s the first week of December. The shops are getting busy. So I thought it was about time for my annual Bookish Gifts post. My old bookish gifts posts still get plenty of hits, and a lot of them still have working links too so feel free to look around the blog for more ideas.

First off. A pewter e-book cover by Loutul @ Folksy. My bag is like a tardis, so something like this would really protect my kindle. The picture shown is for the kindle version but Loutul does versions for other e-readers and tablets. This one is £29

I like this Horcrux t-shirt from Skreened because it’s more subtly Potter-ish, only the glasses and scar are instantly recognisable to non-potter fans. I also like that it’s more bookish than film based as so much Harry Potter merchandise is. It costs $33.99, which is about £20.72

I actually own this Go Away I’m Reading Mug. With a bar of chocolate what could be more perfect? (And yes I know more perfect doesn’t make sense) £12.95 from The Literary Gift Company

The Personal Library Kit from mental floss is perfect for those who love to organise their books, and frequent lenders. $14.99 that’s about £9.14

I’ve talked about how awesome Out of Print is before. Now they are doing jewellery too. This Alice Down the Rabbit Hole necklace has to be my favourite. $32.00/about £19.50

Or how about something to keep your Alice necklace in? That’s if you don’t mind reconditioned books. Here’s a customisable book jewellery case from Wrecked Writings @ Etsy £22.23

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(Please note not all links in previous gift posts will work)



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On book bans and book buying.

In an attempt to save money I’m on a book buying ban. I’m not allowing myself to buy any more books until I have cut my To Be Read pile down to the single figures. This shouldn’t really be a hard thing, my current TBR pile is at 14 books.

But here’s my problem. After finishing Midnight’s Children I was planning on re-reading To Kill a Mockingbird. Partly because it’s the 50th anniversary of it being published, and partly because it’s on the Rory Gilmore Book Challenge List. Oh and of course because it’s well worth a re-read. I have torn my bookshelves apart, I was sure I knew where it was but I cannot find my copy of To Kill a Mockingbird anywhere. So I think to myself it will turn up, I will pick up something else. Only here’s the problem nothing on my TBR list inspires me. I want to read them all but none of them I really feel like reading now.

The TBR list

Bram Stoker- Dracula
Monica Ali- In the Kitchen
Ian McEwan- Atonement
E. B. White- Charlotte’s Web
Jane Austen- Emma
JRR Tolkien- Lord of the Rings
The Brother’s Grimm Fairytales
Margaret Atwood- Oryx and Crake
Daphne du Maurier- Rebecca
Jane Austen- Sense and Sensibility
Carlos Ruiz Zafon- The Shadow of the Wind
Frank L. Baum- The Wizard of Oz

Magyk- Angie Sage
Spies- John Flynn

(books in italics are book challenge books)

So this is how I see it, I have 3 options…

  1. Go to Waterstones and buy new book(s)
  2. Wait until Monday and  go to the library after work
  3. Pick a book off my TBR pile anyway and just read it
  4. oh and I suppose spend all day looking for To Kill a Mockingbird

For  me 1 of course sounds like the best option. I get a book to read now that I actually want to read (and you know I really, really want to get my hands on The Perks of Being a Wallflower, which they don’t have at the library). I know there’s a 3 for 2 on all fiction so I could get a bargain. Oh and it’s been so long since I bought a book (mainly because my Mum’s books keep finding their way onto my TBR pile), and actually only 3 books on my TBR pile belong to me so obviously that means I had quite a while without buying a book. But it does mean breaking my ban, and it was only the other week I broke my Lush ban….(having said that I have run out of conditioner and shampoo recently which means I was allowed to break my ban to buy those things).

I need to go to buy toothpaste anyway so maybe I’ll just pop into Waterstones and have a look….


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