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Top 10 Books I Recommend the Most

I was going to write a review today (a line is forming), but then I saw that today’s Top 10 Tuesday (hosted by The Broke and the Bookish) topic is Top Ten Books I Recommend the Most, and I decided I should join in, even if it is a little late.

In no particular order:

1) Life After Life- Kate Atkinson

This is currently my most recommended book after being blown away by it when I read it a few weeks ago. I think I am still suffering from post-Life-after-life flunk, I’ve read two books since but nothing is quite good enough.

2) Harry Potter

I insist that everyone who hasn’t read Harry does. I’m even on a quest to Bookcross every Harry Potter book (only one I haven’t is Deathly Hallows).

3) The War of Don Emmanuel’s Nether Parts- Louis de Bernières

One of my most recommended books used to be Captain Correli’s Mandolin. It was one of my favourite books and I used to just give it to people randomly. Then I read The War of Do Emmanuel’s Nether Parts (in my quest to find other great stuff by De Bernières) and I was like ‘ZOMG de Bernières has written something better than Captain Correli!’. It’s like Captain Correli’s in a way but more surreal. My Mum’s book group actually read this after it was my favourite read of 2011 but they didn’t like it so much because of the sex and violence. Which is why I didn’t recommend…

4) The Crimson Petal and the White- Michael Faber

And that’s a shame because I think it would be the perfect book group book, there’s so much you could discuss.

5) The Eyre Affair- Jasper Fforde

Which is the book I’m going to give away for World Book Night. Although Shades of Grey is my favourite Fforde The Eyre Affair (and continuing series) is much more accessible, and fun for readers and non-readers alike.

6) The Brooklyn Bites Series- Scott Stabile

If you’ve been visiting this blog for a while you’ll know I really champion Scott Stabile. He’s an independent author whose first book of short stories I was asked to review and adored. I think bloggers have a great role to play in promoting independent writers, and I like to read indie fiction, but this is the best I’ve read.

7) Remembrance- Theresa Breslin

This is actually a war book written for teenagers but it’s one of the most accessible I’ve ever read, and once which is truthful.

8) The Etymologicon- Mark Forsyth

A very interesting but readable book about language. I loved it and recommended it to lots of people.

9) Middlesex- Jeffrey Eugenides

There is a group on facebook that urges everyone to read Middlesex, and explains that it’s difficult to define what makes Middlesex so great but everyone should read it. This is pretty much how I feel about Middlesex

10) Living Dolls- Natasha Walters

Is a feminist book for today’s woman and made me look at things in a different way. All women should read it, whether you see yourself as a feminist or not.


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