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Looking back: First Review

As part of my blogiversary celebrations I wanted to look back at some of my previous posts and see how my opinions have changed and what memories I have of the books.

I’m going to be starting off by looking at my first review, December by Elizabeth H. Winthrop

Synopsis (from Amazon)

Eleven-year-old Isabelle hasn’t spoken in nine months, and as December begins the situation is getting desperate. Her mother has stopped work to devote herself to her daughter’s care. Four psychiatrists have already given up on her, and her school will not take her back in the New Year. Her parents are frantically trying to understand what has happened so they can help their child, but they cannot escape the thought of darker possibilities. What if Isabelle is damaged beyond their reach? Will she never speak again? Is it their fault? As they spiral around Isabelle’s impenetrable silence, she herself emerges as a bright young girl in need of help yet too terrified to ask for it.

Memories of the book

I remember very little about this book. I remember that it felt similar to the sort of novels Jodi Picoult writes. I can remember not liking it as much as Picoult’s books, but maybe that is just because I discovered Picoult first, it makes Winthrop look unoriginal.

Original review

This book has been sitting on my shelf for a while. I just didn’t feel compeled to read it for some reason. I’m not sure why, it sounded interesting enough.

In the end it reminded me quite a bit of Jodi Picoult books, a similar style. In a way this was good because well I like Jodi Picoult books, but at the same time it made it seem unoriginal. All the same I enjoyed it, in particular I liked Isabelle, and the psychologist in me was really interested in why she wasn’t speaking.

Highlight below for spoiler

In fact the psychologist in me didn’t like that we never found out for sure. I guessed and I think as a reader I was meant to guess but I would have liked to know if my suspicions were right


Thoughts on review.

That was simple wasn’t it?! I think I would still be annoyed about the spoiler thing if I read it again, but I can’t remember my theory now!

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