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Review of the Year 2013- Challenges

I’ve taken part in 3 challenges this year, err and not done great in any. I’m considering the TBR Challenge for next year, but may just go for a challenge free year (except for Rory)

The Rory List (ongoing challenge)

This year I’ve read only 2 books from The Rory List


House of Sand and Fog (not yet reviewed)

Less than last year, but I have a few lined up for 2014.

I was so excited for the Out of Your Comfort Zone Challenge but things didn’t go so well. I started off well, but partly problems with other people not really participating, partly a lack of finding enjoyable books, and partly trying to save money meant it dropped off my radar after a while. I read only 4 books (and one was an accident!), having aimed for 12

Deep Powder

The Pearl Savage

The Woodcutter

Capitol Hell

Wishlist Challenge 2013

I did better with the Wishlist Challenge 2013 and read 9 wishlist books:

The Snow Child

The Lifeboat

Peaches for Monsieur Le Curé

Painter of Silence

Dearly Devoted Dexter

Diary of a Jetsetting Call Girl

Still Alice

The Woman Who Died A Lot

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest

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The Pearl Savage- Tamara Rose Blodgett

This book was read as part of the Out of Your Comfort Zone Challenge. This month we were looking at blogs which review books we don’t normally read and read a book reviewed on that blog. I found a review of the third book in this series on Parajunkee’s View and read the first.

Synopsis (from amazon)

Seventeen-year old princess, Clara Williamson, lives an old-fashioned existence in a biosphere of the future.
When her sadistic mother, Queen Ada, betroths her to an abusive prince of a neighboring sphere, Clara determines to escape Outside where savages roam free.

Clara escapes tyranny only to discover the savages are not the only people who survived the cataclysmic events of one hundred forty years prior.

Once Outside, Clara finds herself trapped, unable to return to the abusive life of the sphere while facing certain danger Outside.

Can Clara find love and freedom with the peril that threatens to consume her?


When I was younger I used to make up a story in bed every night whilst trying to get to sleep. It was a story which was basically the same every night, but changed and adapted over time. One thing stayed the same though. A princess who didn’t really want to be a princess, or at least not the princess her mother wanted her to be, but the people were important to her so she was looking forward to changing things once she became queen. At first The Pearl Princess reminded me a bit of my story, and I didn’t really like that. It was disconcerting and because I knew my story so well this one just didn’t meet up. It made it a little difficult to approach the book without a bit of a wonky view point, and early on I did consider giving up, but I did stick with it, and, generally speaking, I was glad that I didn’t give up.

I didn’t find that the writing of The Pearl Savage was particularly good. I found the battle scenes in particular lacked real action and weren’t very descriptive. However after a while the plot interested me enough to generally not be too bothered by the less than great writing. Only the battle scenes were really off putting.

The end was perfectly open for a sequel, although the books could easily have been closed as it was. It’s something that frustrates me a little as it means I want to read to some sort of conclusion but I really don’t think I’m willing to pay for a book in this series (the first is free on kindle). There are 4 books so far (with a 5th planned for release this year)and I certainly don’t want to be caught in a series trap.


Buy it:

Kindle (£0.00)

Other reviews:

Contagious Reads (Lori also reviews on Parajunkee’s View)

Have I missed your review? Leave me a link in comments and I will add it here.


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Review of the Year 2012- Challenges

The Rory List (ongoing challenge)

This year I have read 5 (arguably 6) books from the Rory List

The Crimson Petal and the White

The Great Gatsby

The Picture of Dorian Gray

Pride and Prejudice

(Grimm’s Fairytales– I had already read a different version of this)

The Virgin Suicides

I beat last year’s total, which had been my aim, being able to get some for free on my kindle has helped.

Murakami Reading Challenge 2012

Haruki Murakami Reading Challenge 2012

Didn’t do well on this one at all this year, only one book. I had aimed to read 5, but I struggled with 1Q84 and I have an edition with books 1 & 2 together so I wasn’t allowing myself to get another Murakami until I had finished that- which I still haven’t done. The site doesn’t appear to be as active this year either so I don’t know if it will be happening next year.

1Q84 (Book 1)

Next year I am really excited for my own challenge The Out of Your Comfort Zone Challenge. The idea is that you read books you wouldn’t usually read, and hopefully find something new to love.

Wishlist Challenge 2013

I’m also participating in the Wishlist Challenge 2013.


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Out Your Comfort Zone Challenge

Hi everyone.

After debating it last year (but never actually doing anything about it) I have decided to set up the Out Your Comfort Zone Reading Challenge for 2013. I would love it if you would like to join in.

The idea is that you read genres that you wouldn’t normally read, and hopefully find something new which you love.

I’ve set up a new blog especially for the challenge and you can sign-up there.


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