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The Book Jar

book jar

So today I have been making my book jars. An idea I first saw on Laura’s blog, Devouring Texts and she saw on Alex in Leeds.

I made two. The bigger clear one is for my paper books and the little orange one is for my kindle books. To make an extra distinction (and because they’re pretty) I made my paper book options into paper cranes.

Basically the idea is for a book jar to be a sort of lucky dip. On each piece of paper is written a book from your to be read pile. Not sure what to read next? Pick a piece of paper and read the book written on that paper. Mine isn’t colour coded like Alex’s, the colours just for prettiness.

I think it’s going to give a good chance to those books I’ve had for a long time but somehow never read. I just wish I’d had it during my post Life After Life reading flunk.

For fun here’s a tutorial on how to make an origami crane. They’re pretty easy, the only origami I can make actually (although I have managed to make a parrot a couple of times with lots of instruction.). This is the only video I could find that used the exact same method I do- but I’m sure other methods work.


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