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Bookish Gifts- Paraphanalia

Here we go again! Probably the last in my series of bookish gifts, this time I’m looking at little odds and sods.

CB Perfume make a number of scents based on real life smells. One of which is In the Library. It is designed to smell like old leather bound books and wood polish. It’s not something I can ever imagine wearing myself but is certainly an interesting idea.

Penguin makes a number of book related items, mainly based on their classic cover design. I wanted to include something simple in this post, like a mug or a bag (both of which are available) but when I looked at the Penguin site I came across The Great Penguin Bookchase, and just had to include it. What could appeal to a collector of books more than a game you win by collecting the most books?


I think I should wear this badge made by beanforest on Etsy everytime I enter a bookshop. That was I may actually succeed in cutting down my To Be Read pile!

How about some Scrabble Fridge Magnets? You might not get the board but surely have less space restrictions makes Scrabble easier?

Not such a fan of Scrabble? How about some fridge poetry







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