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Northanger Abbey- Jane Austen

Synopsis (from Amazon)

At Northanger Abbey Jane Austen’s charmingly imperfect heroine, Catherine Morland, meets all the trappings of gothic horror and imagines the worst. Fortunately she has, at hand, her own fundamental good sense and the irresistible but unsentimental hero, Henry Tilney.


This is the first Austen I’ve ever read, and one that I’ve been wanting to read for quite some time. I’ve had a bit of a bad relationship with classics in the past, the only one I can say I’ve enjoyed (other than children’s stories) is Jane Eyre- and that I didn’t really enjoy until after I had finished and studied it, which made me think a bit about it and appreciate it more. It was this relationship that made me hold off on Northanger Abbey until now, I really wish I had tried it sooner though. I found it funny, and clever, and (at least in comparison to other classics) easy to read. I really liked Catherine, she wasn’t perfect, she was nieve, and fanciful, and once she got an idea in her head there was no way she could get rid of it. But she was trusting, and sweet and faithful too. I didn’t like Isabelle, she seemed full of herself, and selfish- or maybe more self serving [highlight for spoiler]even before all the stuff with James. I found the ending a little abrupt but that was probably the only thing I didn’t really like. Maybe I’ve just been reading the wrong classics up till now.

Out of interest does anyone know if Persuasion is any way related to Northanger Abbey? The original edition was apparently a sort of double bill with both books and I thought there might be a reason.



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