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Coming and Going

Well two days ago I wrote a post about the last year on this blog and what has been popular. Today (which is the actual day of my blogiversary) I want to look at the new things that have happened this year, and what I’m hoping to see happen next year.

I’d love to know if there’s anything you guys have enjoyed this year, anything you’d like to see more of, or even see some of!

So what has happened this year? (In chronological order, most recent last)

  • I’ve started using Amazon Associates on my blog with the idea of getting money together for giveaways, and hopefully for paying for a self-hosted blog. I’ve made a little bit but no really significant amount. If you fancy supporting me through amazon however you can click any link to amazon and anything you buy on there will give me a small percentage of revenue. It doesn’t have to be the thing you click the link for.
  • I got a Kindle! I was still unsure about reading from what is basically a computer, and imagined I would only really use it outside the house but I was quite positive about the idea. In reality? I liked it more than I expected. I find I read faster on it, or at least seem to. It’s easy to carry around- being fairly small and light. I can get cheaper books for it, and lots of (mainly indie author) books are avaliable only as e-books. I still prefer the experience of reading from a paper book. Owning an e-book seems like less of a possession, I don’t treasure it the same. I feel more like I’ve achieved something from seeing all the paper books I’ve read than from looking at a list of kindle titles. Sometimes the formatting can be a bit off on the kindle too.
  • I took part in my first Bloggiesta and got a lot done! I really enjoyed it and am already looking forward to the next one in September.
  • I set up a facebook page as a new way for readers to follow my blog. My twitter is certainly more active but my number of likes is certainly going up too.
  • I’ve changed my banner again, and again, and again. Still not satisfied though.
  • I started using netgalley. Great site for free review books which I can now use easily because of my kindle. This has meant a lot more review books.
  • I started a new feature, Children’s Hour, where I review children’s picture books which I’ve read to the kids at work. This is probably my favourite new thing I’ve done on the blog this year.
  • I joined in with the occasional Top 10 Tuesdays meme. I’m not a big meme fan, I prefer original content and often memes seem like making a post for the sake of it, but I was always quite fond of reading Top Ten Tuesday posts so thought I would have a go at writing some.

So what next…?

  • Another new header. Hopefully one I like this time. I’m looking into getting it done for me because I have next to no knowledge of graphics (if you can recommend someone that would be awesome).
  • I’d like to take part in a read-a-thon although most seem to happen while I’m at work.
  • Hopefully more musing posts, I don’t feel I’ve been posting many recently.
  • More reviews!


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Oh How Far We Have Come!

Today is my blogiversary. Can you believe it? Lucybird’s Book Blog has been going for two whole years! I would not think when I started that thread (which is still there by the way) on The Bookclub Forum over 2 years ago that it would come to this. Never had I imagined the amazing blogs and bloggers I would find, the visitors who would stop by, the authors who would actually give me free books just for my review!

Yes a lot has changed, my reading has gone up, my postings have gone up, my visitor count has gone up, I’ve even joined twitter,  but I think this blog still as the same ideals that I set it up with; to write simple reviews of books I had read which people would enjoy (or at least I hope you all enjoy them). And to write about book related topics which interest me (and hopefully again interest my readers). I’m still proud that I don’t take part in two tons on memes, just The Book Blogger Hop. I still don’t really like memes, they just seem like filler to me, or a way to get people to visit your blog. Not that it’s bad to get people to visit your blog, just it seem a bit like a popularity contest.

What is still to come? Well only the future will really tell, but I have a few plans. I have a reading challenge in the pipeline for the new year, and a possibility of re-launching the Out the Comfort Zone Hop along with it. I have a few little things I want to change (like writing a proper review policy). I’m considering the possibility of setting up a fan page for facebook, as just another way for readers to connect with the blog. I also want to write a sort of blog guide for new visitors.

Watch out over the next week for more Blogiversary posts, including a giveaway with a twist!


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