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Bookish Gifts 2017

How is it Christmas again? It seems like it’s just leapt on me this year!

Anyway onwards. Here are this year’s ideas of bookish gifts, prices are correct at time of publishing.


Custom Library Stamp

Paper Peach Shop @ Etsy

from £21.67



Stack of Books Christmas Tree Ornament

Think Geek






A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Toms

Painted by SteveO @ etsy





‘Fantastic Books and Where to Find Them’


Out of Print


A Book and a Brew Subscriptions

£12.99 a month

marktwain-square-lowres-5Waterproof Mark Twain Stories






Papercuts Cards

(A sort of literary ‘Cards Against Humanity’)

Electric Lit




Hogwarts Sorting Candle 

(pre-order for June, because it’s that popular!)

Muggle Candle Company @ etsy



‘1984’ T-shirt

Out of Print





Hogwarts Bed Set

Think Geek




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Bookish Gifts 2015

It’s that time of year again. If you (for some reason) don’t want to buy a book for your bookish friends then maybe you could buy one of these instead:


All of the years at Hogwarts in one picture

$31.20 from Society 6







Little chocolate books

£9.99 from Not on the High Street




Ravenclaw Diadem Necklace

$28.80 from Ali Express






Alice in Wonderland calender

£10.99 from Foyles





Golden Snitch earrings

£104.95 from Etsy




‘A Book is a Dream You Hold in Your Hands’ t-shirt

$22.00 from Society 6




Bookshelf Wallpaper

£59.99 from 1 Wall





iphone case

$35.oo from Society 6





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Bookish Gifts 2014

It’s that time of year again, time for the bookish gifts post. I’ve got lots of gifts for you this year. Merry Christmas! (Or Happy Holidays f you prefer). Prices are correct at time of publication.

Some of the items from my old bookish gift posts are also still for sale.

Alice in Wonderland ‘pouch‘. From Out of Print. Other styles are available. $12

Espresso Patronum t-shirt. From Bookriot. For lovers of coffee and books. $22

Great Writers Magnetic Finger Puppets. From The Literary Gift Company. Includes Shakespeare, Virginia Wolfe,  Dickens and Tolstoy. £19.95

Emily Dickinson Poetry Tights. From Coline Designs @ Etsy. No a fan of Emily Dickinson? You can also choose your own print. £16.39

Little Women Sweatshirt. From Out of Print. Other designs are available. $40

Book Necklace. From Bookriot. $18.00

Bathtub Tray. From The Literary Gift Company. Space for a book and two glasses. £49.95

Owl Bookend and Glasses Holder. From Uligo @ Etsy This would be helpful to me, I take me glasses off when reading sometimes and the forgot where I put them. Also available in other colours. £41.48

East and West Egg joining necklaces. From Bookriot. Also available in silver. $30.00

Literary Map of the UK. From The Literary Gift Company. £12.00

Banned Books Socks. From Uncommon Goods. £8.11

Personal Library Embosser. From Horchow. $26.00

Team Edward Rochester t-shirt. From Cafepress. Other colours are available. £18.00

Storybook recorder. From Hammacher Schlemmer. $69.95

Marauder’s Map Dress. From Blackmilk. Other Harry Potter clothing is available. $95.00 AUD

Finger Pointing Bookmark. From amazon. Point to the line you stopped reading at. $7.14

Bookish Smell Candles. From Frostbeard @ Etsy. £9.22

Toilet Roll Holder Book Rest. From The Literary Gift Company. £25.00



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Bookish Gifts 2013

It’s the first week of December. The shops are getting busy. So I thought it was about time for my annual Bookish Gifts post. My old bookish gifts posts still get plenty of hits, and a lot of them still have working links too so feel free to look around the blog for more ideas.

First off. A pewter e-book cover by Loutul @ Folksy. My bag is like a tardis, so something like this would really protect my kindle. The picture shown is for the kindle version but Loutul does versions for other e-readers and tablets. This one is £29

I like this Horcrux t-shirt from Skreened because it’s more subtly Potter-ish, only the glasses and scar are instantly recognisable to non-potter fans. I also like that it’s more bookish than film based as so much Harry Potter merchandise is. It costs $33.99, which is about £20.72

I actually own this Go Away I’m Reading Mug. With a bar of chocolate what could be more perfect? (And yes I know more perfect doesn’t make sense) £12.95 from The Literary Gift Company

The Personal Library Kit from mental floss is perfect for those who love to organise their books, and frequent lenders. $14.99 that’s about £9.14

I’ve talked about how awesome Out of Print is before. Now they are doing jewellery too. This Alice Down the Rabbit Hole necklace has to be my favourite. $32.00/about £19.50

Or how about something to keep your Alice necklace in? That’s if you don’t mind reconditioned books. Here’s a customisable book jewellery case from Wrecked Writings @ Etsy £22.23

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(Please note not all links in previous gift posts will work)



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Bookish Gifts

Last year I did a whole series of posts on bookish gifts, this year I’m going for one longer post. Some of the links on the old posts are still active, so it’s worth a little look if you like this sort of thing.

These are things you could buy for the bookish people in your life which aren’t books.

This George’s Marvellous Medicine mug from The Roald Dahl Museum has the lovely art of Quentin Blake and words from Roald Dahl. There are also mugs with he BFG, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Fantastic Mr Fox, The Twits, James and the Giant Peach, The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me, The Enormous Crocodile, and The Witches on, but I think George’s Marvellous Medicine fits a mug more.



One of the kids at work had this Gruffalo Hoodie and it’s one of the cutest things ever. The horns on the head turn your little monster into a monster. It looks lovely and warm too. It comes from Debenhams

I loved The Tiger Who Came to Tea as a kid (and I still do now really). Now the art is one of my favourite things so I really like this print avaliable at Waterstones.


Ok so half of what I love about this necklace from Keoni Design @ etsy is that it has a bird on, but I also love that it has a book and it’s a locket (so you can be really stalker-ish and put  in photos of your favourite authors. Or you know maybe of the lovely people you love just as much as your books



This simple but still very lovely cat bookmark puts me much in mind of Haruki Murakami. Also available from Waterstones.


An Out of Print hoodie was included in my list last year. This year I’m going for a ebook cover. I’m quite partial to the Pride and Prejudice cover but this Alice in Wonderland one is my favourite. It’s avaliable for the Kindle Fire, Nexus 7, and iPad

Back to etsy. AppleBeads85 will make you any miniature book charm you request, great ways to show off your favourite book. Do look to see what she already makes before putting in your order as she may already make the book you want to request.


If you’re feeling very generous you could buy your favourite bookist (me, right?) a chair-come-bookcase on wheels. Then you can wheel me them around as they read! This is on sale at (smow). In addition tp shelves there is a reading lamp and secret compartments for writing implements



Feeling a bit more broke? Why not make an inverted bookshelf instead?


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Bookish Gifts- Paraphanalia

Here we go again! Probably the last in my series of bookish gifts, this time I’m looking at little odds and sods.

CB Perfume make a number of scents based on real life smells. One of which is In the Library. It is designed to smell like old leather bound books and wood polish. It’s not something I can ever imagine wearing myself but is certainly an interesting idea.

Penguin makes a number of book related items, mainly based on their classic cover design. I wanted to include something simple in this post, like a mug or a bag (both of which are available) but when I looked at the Penguin site I came across The Great Penguin Bookchase, and just had to include it. What could appeal to a collector of books more than a game you win by collecting the most books?


I think I should wear this badge made by beanforest on Etsy everytime I enter a bookshop. That was I may actually succeed in cutting down my To Be Read pile!

How about some Scrabble Fridge Magnets? You might not get the board but surely have less space restrictions makes Scrabble easier?

Not such a fan of Scrabble? How about some fridge poetry







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Bookish Gifts- Book Accesories.

It’s my second gift post. You can also have a look at my bookish clothing list.

You know what I could quite happily buy half the stuff in Paperchase given the money! I really like magnetic bookmarks simply because I am awful for loosing bookmarks and magnetic ones are so much harder to loose. I have a set of Russian Doll ones from Paperchase (which you can see if you explore the site) but this set based on The Owl and the Pussy Cat poem are a bit more bookish I think.

I think these bookends by MijMoj @ Folksy are a fantastic idea. Each book end holds a little vase for a single flower. Beautiful, and you can change the flower so it never gets old! Be warned though American buyers, shipping is on the expensive side.



M-Edge is completely focused on covers for e-readers. A lot of them (as the one displayed) are based on books (and many are designed by Out of Print, who I mentioned in my last gift post), and there are also lots based on New Yorker covers. None of them take your fancy? Well they also have a section where you can design your own.



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Bookish Gifts- Clothing

During the run-up to Christmas I’m planning a few posts about gifts for Christmas.

Today is the biggest online shopping day of the year so it seems like the perfect day to start, and I will be looking at bookish clothing.

This t-shirt is from Threadless. For those like me who are not such Twilight fans.

“Real Vampires Don’t Sparkle*

*They Sleep During the Day”

The Out of Print Clothing Company makes lots of t-shirts and jumpers with book covers on. Not to mention accessories and stationary. The Pride and Prejudice range is my favourite with its beautiful peacock.

The Apostrophe Police t-shirt is actually from a UK store! Balcony Shirts has a great selection, and I’m sure those in the book world know more people like this that most!







I can’t decide if the book related pants on BunnyJump’s Etsy Page are cute or a big wrong…especially as they seem to only feature children’s books but are adult pants




I love Irregular Choice shoes, and the rabbits on these (which feature on the bottom of most Irregular Choice shoes) really put me in mind of Alice in Wonderland.



I wish the Roald Dahl Museum Shop sold t-shirts for adults. A kid at work has a couple and I am in love with them.


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