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Out the Comfort Zone Hop (9-12 June)

The Out of the Comfort Zone Hopis a new blog hop hosted here at Lucybird’s Book Blog which is designed to help you to look at books outside your comfort zone and to get you to look at blogs you wouldn’t normally look at.

So what do you need to know, I’m starting off simple, just 1 rule

When you add your link you must visit the two blogs above you, no matter who they are! You can visit other blogs too but should find you are looked at by the two blogs below you

-If you are in the top 2 this is a bit more difficult, just come back at a convenient time and start counting up with the list carrying on at the bottom (i.e. if you are at the top you visit the bottom 2 blogs, if you are second you visit the top and bottom blogs)

The jump will last from Thursday night to Sunday night (GMT). So this week will be from 2nd-5th June

Please post about this hop in your blog if you join in, I won’t ask for it every week but just well we’re getting started. Sorry about the clicky, wordpress doesn’t support the normal list



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Tweet Tweet

Follow lucybirdbooks on Twitter

So I’ve been umming and awwing about signing up for Twitter recently and reading everyone’s posts from armchair BEA has convinced me. Maybe I’m a little late for the party but I still came!

So if you want to follow me you can either click my tweet feed on the side bar or you can find me @lucybirdbooks

I’ve already added all the bloggers in my blogroll and a few authors, but if there is anyone else worth following (legitimate authors/publishing houses etc.) please let me know.

All this is very exciting 🙂


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Grab a sentence from the nearest… | The Daily Post at WordPress.com

Grab a sentence from the nearest… | The Daily Post at WordPress.com.

Grab the nearest book (or website) to you right now. Jump to paragraph 3, second Sentence. Write it in a post.

Yay again a question I can answer. And I like this game, I sometimes play it on my personal journal.

My sentence comes from Sarah’s Key- Tatiana De Rosnay, a book from my To Be Read pile.

“She remembered the recent, hushed conversations she had overheard, late at night, when her parents thought she was asleep”.

Makes this book really sound like I’d hope it will be, moving, sad, emotional.


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Blog hop

I thought it was about time I actually did a blog hop post, recently I have been spending the weekend with the boyfriend so have just been adding my blog to the list and not doing anything else until the Sunday, but this week I have a little more time on my hands.

The blog hop is a great weekly event hosted over a crazy-for-books.com where book bloggers can post their blogs and find some other fantastic blogs.

Every week the participating blogs are asked a question, this week…

“Who’s your all-time favorite book villain?”

I tend to like ambiguous villians. The first that sprang to mind was Snape from the Harry Potter books. Initially he is just completely vile and a love to hate type character. But he seems to have some depth that makes you think is he really so bad?

Actually thinking of Harry Potter Umbridge is another one I love to hate, although she has less depth I probably hate her more. I just want to punch that woman in the face!

New this week

Review: Something Rotten

Review: Waterstone’s 11: The Sentamentalists

Review: About a Boy

News: Jasper  Fforde visit Birmingham



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An evening with Jasper Fforde

Jasper Fforde Writes Books

Image by I am I.A.M. via Flickr

Last night was a very exciting night for this reader. I went to a talk by/with Jasper Fforde at my local (and very favourite) Waterstones on Birmingham New Street.

I can honestly say he’s a very entertaining speaker, and just as funny in real life as he is on the page.

Some stuff I found interesting

  • The nursery crime series were written before Thursday Next, I had always presumed they were spin-offs
  • Jasper Fforde never plans his books (this is quite encouraging to someone like me who hates planning their writing), and where things seem very planned out it’s usually that he’s just left some loose ends just incase he needs them later
  • The Eyre Affair was only originally meant to be a stand-alone book but the publisher asked for more. One Of Our Thursdays is Missing is the only one (at least so far) that is really a sequel as in your couldn’t understand it if your hadn’t read previous Thursday Next books.
  • Jasper often gets the root idea of stories from what if? questions (I cannot for the life of me think of what he called them, narrative somethings….see no plans when writing or I would have known that!)
  • He is currently working on the next book in The Last Dragonslayer series…which I haven’t read yet.
  • The next Shades of Grey book won’t be out until 2013 😦

I am really excited about the prospect of reading One of Our Thursdays is Missing now…but reading First Among Sequels first may be helpful!



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Post a week Challenge

I’ve decided to take part in  Wordpress’ Post a Week challenge next year. The idea s pretty simple, to post at least one post every week during 2011. They are also doing a Post a Day challenge but seeing as I can’t read a whole book everyday, and want my blog to remain a book blog I don’t think I could post everyday without resorting to memes…and lots of memes are something which put me off reading other blogs.


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Some changes are coming. Only little ones, you probably will barely notice! Seeing as Vanity Fair is taking a long time I thought I would do a few things I’ve been meaning to do for a while. As the start of this I have made a master list off all the reviews posted on my site (see side link). I may also post one listed by author, but haven’t decided yet.

I will also be posting up old reviews which I wrote before this blog came into being.

So expect a lot of activity over the next few days 🙂

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On book bans and book buying.

In an attempt to save money I’m on a book buying ban. I’m not allowing myself to buy any more books until I have cut my To Be Read pile down to the single figures. This shouldn’t really be a hard thing, my current TBR pile is at 14 books.

But here’s my problem. After finishing Midnight’s Children I was planning on re-reading To Kill a Mockingbird. Partly because it’s the 50th anniversary of it being published, and partly because it’s on the Rory Gilmore Book Challenge List. Oh and of course because it’s well worth a re-read. I have torn my bookshelves apart, I was sure I knew where it was but I cannot find my copy of To Kill a Mockingbird anywhere. So I think to myself it will turn up, I will pick up something else. Only here’s the problem nothing on my TBR list inspires me. I want to read them all but none of them I really feel like reading now.

The TBR list

Bram Stoker- Dracula
Monica Ali- In the Kitchen
Ian McEwan- Atonement
E. B. White- Charlotte’s Web
Jane Austen- Emma
JRR Tolkien- Lord of the Rings
The Brother’s Grimm Fairytales
Margaret Atwood- Oryx and Crake
Daphne du Maurier- Rebecca
Jane Austen- Sense and Sensibility
Carlos Ruiz Zafon- The Shadow of the Wind
Frank L. Baum- The Wizard of Oz

Magyk- Angie Sage
Spies- John Flynn

(books in italics are book challenge books)

So this is how I see it, I have 3 options…

  1. Go to Waterstones and buy new book(s)
  2. Wait until Monday and  go to the library after work
  3. Pick a book off my TBR pile anyway and just read it
  4. oh and I suppose spend all day looking for To Kill a Mockingbird

For  me 1 of course sounds like the best option. I get a book to read now that I actually want to read (and you know I really, really want to get my hands on The Perks of Being a Wallflower, which they don’t have at the library). I know there’s a 3 for 2 on all fiction so I could get a bargain. Oh and it’s been so long since I bought a book (mainly because my Mum’s books keep finding their way onto my TBR pile), and actually only 3 books on my TBR pile belong to me so obviously that means I had quite a while without buying a book. But it does mean breaking my ban, and it was only the other week I broke my Lush ban….(having said that I have run out of conditioner and shampoo recently which means I was allowed to break my ban to buy those things).

I need to go to buy toothpaste anyway so maybe I’ll just pop into Waterstones and have a look….


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New Blogs

Again I thought it was time to spread the news of the new blogs I found this week. I was less successful this week but successful enough.

Books from Bleh to Basically Amazing– I really liked the article on books which you know in other forms and how that can chage your outlook on them.

Restless Reader– I totally added this one because of the mention of Nick Hornby’s column in The Believer (which is what made up The Complete Polysyllabic Spree), but I am liking the set out of the reviews too.

I also want to mention Stained Glass in the Night which is a new poetry and book blog from a friend from The Book Club Forum.

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Review of the Year (part 2)

The Worst

Continue reading

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Before I start

There is a review in the pipeline but I have realised it’s been a while (and well if anyone was reading Twilight for that long I would be worried!). I’ve been reading The Lucifer Effect by Phillip Zimbardo since my last review, (a worthwhile book but not easy- I shall save the rest for its review) and am about halfway through. I fancied something easier over Christmas, hence reading New Moon, but shall start back on The Lucifer Effect once I get back to work. Just know it may take a while.

Review of New Moon will be up as soon as I have written it!

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