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Fyre- Angie Sage

Fyre is the seventh (and final) book in the Septimus Heap series. You can see my reviews of the previous 6 books by using the Septimus Heap tag.

Synopsis (from amazon)

Septimus Heap, Wizard Apprentice, must fight the remnants of the Darke Domaine. For this, the ancient Alchemie Fyre must be relit, a task which will test Septimus to his limits and send him on a perilous journey. Septimus will finally discover who he is – but at what cost? And who will prevail when the greatest Magyk of all is kindled?

Prepare for a spellbinding finale, as FYRE masterfully weaves together every character from this epic series.


For some reason they don’t seem to have the edition of Fyre I read listed new on amazon anymore, but it’s most like the collector’s edition (which is not yet available). I ordered that particular version because of the cover. For some reason Bloomsbury have decided to change the cover design for the last book so it doesn’t fit with the other 6 I have on my shelves. it’s rather annoying, especially as I do not like the new cover even without comparison with other. The version I got was a ‘roughcut’. There are a few complaints about it on amazon (possibly why it has been taken down) but the pages are meant to be roughcut to look like old pages or parchment pages. I rather like the effect, it looks like an old spell book. The pages are also thinner which probably makes the book less weighty.

Anyway, on to the story. There are a few reasons why I read the whole series of Septimus Heap books, and none of them are that closely related to plot

– A friend gave me his copies of the first two books, so you know I may as well read them

– I have a thing about series (which I have spoken about before) and hate to leave them unfinished, unless it was a real struggle even to get through the first book.

– My boyfriend also wanted to finish the series, so we decided to take it in turns to buy each book (hence why he bought this one) with whomever pays for the book getting to read it first.

– I was interested enough in the storyline to want to know how it ends, but not enough to feel I had to know right now (as I was with Harry Potter)

If you have been reading the series as it comes out then I would recommend re-reading the series before you read Fyre, I didn’t and I think maybe my enjoyment suffered because of it. Fyre draws together lots of little storylines and characters from throughout the books. It’s one of the things I most like about the books because it is rather clever, but it does mean that if you have forgotten about a character or plot theme then you may find yourself a little lost in parts. Personally I think I forgot about 99% of the plot of Syren (although at the time of reviewing I did say that it didn’t seem to be a book which the series really needed).

Again I had that issue that for a long while everything was just being set up. Not much was really happening that engaged me, but by the end I wanted to stay up to finish reading. You can tell I wasn’t that interested from my status updates on goodreads, in the first 5 days I only read 57 pages- where it usually takes me a week to read a whole book.

The story generally though was a nice conclusion, and it did come together well. There was a bit of a message there too about self change and how circumstances can force people to be a certain way.

Oh yeah and one thing I didn’t like was Sage shoving in a blatant ‘read my other books’ message. The character seemed to be added just so she could say ‘look this character who has no real role and you’ve never heard of before, guess what? I wrote a series about her, you should read it’. Nothing would make me want to read that series less.


Buy it:

Hardback (£8.57)

Collector’s Edition- pre-order (£14.99)

Kindle (£6.69)

Paperback- pre-order (£6.63)


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