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Deals of the Moment- July

Every month amazon has a set of kindle monthly deals. This in the post where I talk about any books which are of interest.

So I’m going to briefly talk about the books I’ve read which are on offer, and those that I have bought myself. Why I liked them/bought them, and what they are about. End links are to the amazon page, any other links are to my reviews. Amazon links are affiliate links but any money made goes back into the blog (e.g. for giveaways)

I almost didn’t do one this month because the pickings are pretty slim. Have ended up using kids books to sort of ‘pad it out’

Please note prices are correct at time of publishing and may be subject to change.

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)- Mindy Kaling

I bought this one as soon as I saw it. It’s been on my wishlist for a long time after reading about it on someones blog, since starting watching ‘The Mindy Project’ I’ve been wanting to read it even more. Yay I finally have it.

It’s an autobiography.

Buy it…here (only £1.99)

Station Eleven- Emily St. John Mandel

I’ve heard lots of great things about this dystopian story. Set in a world where there has been a disaster, then a deadly illness starts spreading.

You can buy it…here (only £1.79)

Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing- Judy Blume

Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing was the first book by Judy Blume I read, it’s probably true for a lot of people. This is the story of Peter, and his crazy little brother- Fudge.

You can buy it…here. (only £1.79)


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