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The end of another #bloggiesta

Oh I do not want this bloggiesta to end! I am so close to finishing my whole list!

The things I have left to do are things which I will end up having to do anyway this week so it shouldn’t be to bad! I purposefully left them for next because I wouldn’t be able to put them off for to long anyway.

I have got lots done:

  • Cross-posted my reviews to Amazon
  • Contacted a couple of people about the possibility of making me a new header
  • Updated my masterlists
  • Cleared out my google reader- I was sad to see how many bloggers are no longer blogging
  • Sorted out my blogroll to make sure all the links are of active blogs/sites and that all the bloggers I follow are listed.
  • Written and scheduled the next 2 Top 10 Tuesday posts
  • Updated my review policy
  • Updated me Children’s Hour Page
  • Added links to other reviews on reviews as far back as February
  • Sorted out my twitter list, unfollowing some people, creating groups.
  • Visited lots of other blogs
  • Taken part in Smash Attack Read’s Grade Yourself Mini-Challenge and been very proud of my score of 89
  • Updated my Goodreads reviews
  • Taken part in 2 twitter parties.
  • Replied to outstanding comments
  • Responded to author/publicist e-mails, and cleared out my inbox
  • Backed-up blog
  • Written a custom message for e-mail subscribers

The next bloggiesta is provisionally scheduled for March 29th-31st.

Thank you to the 1stdaughter and Suey for hosting, for everyone who has visited my blog and offered support this weekend. And to everyone who has participated. Roll on March!



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