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Seeing as this blog now has ‘outlets’ all over the place I thought it would be about time to make a list of how and where you can connect with the blog.

E-mail Subscription

You can sign up to get e-mails of my blog updates via the widget in my sidebar. Just enter your e-mail address. E-mail addresses are only used for the purposes of. You can also contact me via e-mail at lucybirdbooks@gmail.com

RSS Feed

You can also subscribe to Lucybird’s Book Blog through your favourite feed reader. RSS feed can be found here or at the handy widget in the sidebar (again!). Alternatively add https://lucybirdbooks.wordpress.com to your subscriptions. You can also follow my blog’s rss via blog lovin’


All my blog posts automatically cross-post to twitter, as do my goodreads updates. I also sometimes post interesting articles and make observations- generally about books. Plus twitter is a good place to find me for a chat! Follow me @lucybirdbooks or by clicking the twitter feed on my sidebar.


This is the newest way of connecting with me. As with twitter all my posts automatically cross-post to Facebook. From Facebook you can send me a message or make general comments on the blog quite easily. I post the occasional article from other places and also talk a little about my reading, although for chat you’re better to follow me on twitter. A good advantage to facebook is that you can message me without giving away your e-mail address (but why wouldn’t you want to right?!). You can Like Lucybird’s Book Blog here


All my reviews are cross-posted to Goodreads (although the scoring has to be adapted when I use half stars) plus you can see how far along I am with my current reads. I’m a member of a few groups as well and as with facebook you can message me over there. You can find me as Lucy over there.


You can also find my reviews on Amazon UK


You can now find me on tumblr. Posts are automatically cross-posted, I will be sharing manly pictures and quotes, and re-blogs


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