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The Picture of Dorian Gray- Oscar Wilde

This book was read as part of The Rory List.

Synopsis (from Amazon)

The Picture of Dorian Gray is Oscar Wilde’s enduringly popular story of a beautiful and corrupt man and the portrait that reveals all his secrets.

Entranced by the perfection of his recently painted portrait, the youthful Dorian Gray expresses a wish that the figure on the canvas could age and change in his place. When his wish comes true, the portrait becomes his hideous secret as he follows a downward trajectory of decadence and cruelty that leaves its traces only in the portrait’s degraded image. Wilde’s unforgettable portrayal of a Faustian bargain and its consequences is narrated with his characteristic incisive wit and diamond-sharp prose. The result is a novel that is as flamboyant and controversial as its incomparable author.


This book had been on my kindle waiting to be read for almost a year (I put it on at Christmas when I got my kindle), and had intended to read it long before that- since before I’ve had this blog in fact. It’s one of those books you feel you should read in a sense, a classic, yes, but one you feel may have a bit on a punch to it. Early Sci-fi if you will.

It wasn’t exactly what I expected, even though I didn’t have a great deal of expectations anyway. I did enjoy it generally speaking but I also found it rather slow, it took a while for anything of any real significance to happen, although once it did I started enjoying the story much more.

It had a certain scary element to it. An inevitability, and actually a death in it made The Shortlist’s most gruesome literary deaths (beware spoilers) recently (and I agree, it was horrific!).

I never really liked Dorian himself, even before all the bad things were happening. He was too nieve, and too easily influenced, but that made him rather an interesting character to read. I preferred Lord Henry, he wasn’t exactly a good person but he was certainly an entertaining character.


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