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Bloggiesta Day 3

I feel a like I got less done yesterday than I did on Friday- but I think that is mainly because I did more things which took a long time.

So yesterday I:

  • Took part in a twitter party
  • Added my blog to blognation
  • Sorted the people I follow on twitter into groups. This took much longer than I had anticipated, partly because the list kept randomly jumping up, and partly because I had imaged that I might be able to add people to a group in bulk.
  • Sorted out my google reader. I was shocked at the number of bloggers who hadn’t posted for a year or more ūüė¶ some of whom were bloggers whose blogs I had really enjoyed. I was quite happy to find I didn’t have to delete many blogs because I no longer read them, however.
  • Sorted out blogroll
  • Backed-up my blog
  • Visited and commented on some other blogs
  • Updated my review lists
  • Added review of Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares to netgally

How did your second day of bloggiesta go?


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