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What the world needs now is Hygge? | Chrisbookarama

Finding comfort with hygge reading.

Source: What the world needs now is Hygge? | Chrisbookarama

I saw this post earlier today on Chrisbookarama (but for some reason wouldn’t comment, so I hope she doesn’t mind me borrowing her idea).

The post was about comfort reading, which I think a lot of us are in need of right now.

My ultimate comfort read is Harry Potter. There’s an escapism in those books, that whole new world that Rowling has created, I think theirs also the element that I grew up with those books so it sort of takes me back to happy times reading them for the first time. I have many happy memories related to Harry Potter.

If buzzfeed is to be believed I’m not the only one who finds comfort (and even strength) in Potter.

There are other books to escape into, although not a chick-lit fan generally, I do find that chick-lit is pretty easy to sort of ‘dive’ into, and in that sense it’s comforting because I find I don’t need the same concentration to get into a story.

The other thing is ‘issue’ type books (especially Jodi Picoult, not exactly comforting as such, more they wrap you up in someone else’s world and someone else’s problems, somehow your problems don’t seem so bad themselves.

What are some stories you like to escape into?



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