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Club Dead- Charlaine Harris

Charlaine Harris's Club Dead

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Synopsis (from Amazon)

There’s only one vampire Sookie Stackhouse is involved with – at least voluntarily – and that’s Bill. But recently he’s been a little distant – in another state distant. His sinister and sexy boss Eric has an idea where to find him, and next thing Sookie knows she’s off to Jackson, Mississippi, to mingle with the underworld at Club Dead. It’s a dangerous little haunt where the elusive vampire society can go to chill out and suck down some Type O – but when Sookie finally finds Bill caught in an act of serious betrayal she’s not sure whether to save him, or to sharpen some stakes. The Sookie Stackhouse books are delightful Southern Gothic supernatural mysteries, starring Sookie, the telepathic cocktail waitress, and a cast of increasingly colourful characters, including vampires, werewolves and things that really do go bump in the night.


This has probably been my favourite Sookie Shackhouse so far, although they are still not a favourite series, enjoyable enough but nothing special. I think maybe I don’t care that much about Sookie (or Bill as it comes to it), I don’t hate her or anything, it’s just that I’m not particularly interested in her. I prefer Eric, he might not have been the greatest guy, but I found him interesting, and more entertaining. I think what really makes this book better for me is Alcide. I like this guy, he’s better than Eric, and I certainly prefer him to Bill. I hope we’ll see more of him in the next books. I never seem to like the leading male in these types of books, maybe it’s me, maybe they’re written that way.

I kind of liked how Sookie was more independent in this book too, maybe I don’t really like how Bill looks after her.


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