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5 Reasons to Leave a Lover- Carolyn Moncel

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I was given a copy of 5 Reasons to Leave a Lover free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

Synopsis (from Amazon)

In 5 Reasons to Leave a Lover, author Carolyn Moncel offers up a fresh batch of stories based on love and loss. As singer/songwriter, Paul Simon so eloquently suggested in a famous song from the 1970s, there are many ways to leave a lover. However, Moncel’s characters demonstrate that the reasons for leaving in the first place are quite finite. Encounters in Paris` Ellery and Julien Roulet return, picking up their lives where the short story, “Pandora`s Box Revisited,” ends. This time the Roulets are involved in a love triangle, and along with two other couples, must explore how love relationships are affected and splinter due to abuse, ambivalence, deception, cheating and death. This bittersweet collection of tales proves that some breakups are necessary; while others are voluntary; and still others are simply destined and beyond anyone’s control.


I am not usually a reader of short stories, I think I have only ever reviewed one other here before. I thought this one sounded interesting though. I’m not sure interesting is still the word I would use but it is entertaining. I wouldn’t exactly call it chick-lit but it is pretty close. It’s an easy read (took me less that a day) and about romance which are features stereotypically found in chick-lit, but it is less happy than chick-lit normally is. I did have the same problem I have with most short stories, it felt like it ended to soon…or at least I found that I wanted to be able to keep reading it, when it came to the first story anyway. I must say the main story was well enough written that I felt for the characters, and I could see different sides of the story. I did feel the other two stories were unnecessary though, they just seemed like padding and weren’t long enough for me to get any real feeling about them.

I would be interested in reading a longer novel by Moncel though.


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