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Boy Meets Boy- David Levithan

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Disclaimer: This book was given to me free of charge by the publisher (via netgalley) in exchange for an honest review

Synopsis (from amazon)

The unforgettable debut novel by co-author with John Green of Will Grayson, Will Grayson

To be together with someone for twenty years seems like an eternity. I can’t seem to manage twenty days…

How do you stay together?

Paul has been gay his whole life and he’s confident about almost everything. He doesn’t have to hide his feelings like best friend Tony or even cope with loving the wrong guy like his other best friend Joni.

But heartbreak can happen to anyone. Falling in love changes everything.


I have a growing relationship with David Levithan. I loved The Lover’s Dictionary, and vowed to read more of him, but seeing as he’s generally a YA writer, and that’s a genre I only read once in a while I haven’t really been actively seeking him out.

Anyway I saw Boy Meets Boy- which was Levithan’s first solo book up on netgalley for its re-release. Thinking of my plan to read more Levithan I decided to request it, and got it, yay!

Boy Meets Boy is set in an ideal town where being ‘different’ is accepted, even praised. At Paul’s school there are gay people, straight people, bisexuals, and transvestites, but everyone accepts everyone else for whom they are. It was a little difficult to get my head around at first because, unfortunately, real life isn’t like that. It made it sort of unrealistic.

However once I got more comfortable with the story I started to really enjoy it. I quite liked Paul, although I certainly wanted to shout at him a fair few times for lack of foresight.

I much preferred Noah, Paul’s love interest, as a character, he was more interesting for one thing. Or maybe it was just because we saw him through Paul’s eyes when Paul was falling for him.

The most realistic character was Josh, I think maybe I would have preferred a story about Josh. Being gay wasn’t easy for Josh, and though we saw a bit from Paul’s friendship with him I think it would have made a more interesting story to have it from Josh’s perspective.

It was quite a cute story when it came down to it, and rather romantic. Not some great amazing piece of literature, but I still enjoyed it immensely, and it took me less than a day to read because I couldn’t put it down!

Oh and you know what I love about everything I’ve read by Levithan so far? He obviously loves words!


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