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Book Chat Collective: Books that change the world


This week’s Book Chat Collective (hosted over at an-old-flame) asks can books change the world?

Just like Trina I initially thought of religious texts, whether good or bad it’s undeniable that they have had an impact on the world. Then I tried to think of other types of books. I could think of a fair few articles- Piaget’s articles on child development for example have had an impact on how we teach children- but then that’s not a book. And how about fiction books, have any of those had a big impact on the world? I suppose books like Pride and Prejudice and Romeo and Juliet have inspired generations of writers- modern takes on both stories seem to be coming out every day! So I suppose books have had an impact on the literary world. Then there are those books that may not have a giant impact on the world but have an impact on people who read them, that change their personal world. I’m sure that I would not be the same person I am today if I hadn’t read lots of the books that I’ve read. Lots of books have stuck with me- and that effects my writing style, other books have really made me think- and I’m sure that has helped form my world view, especially some of the books I read as a teenager.


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