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Bookish Gifts- Clothing

During the run-up to Christmas I’m planning a few posts about gifts for Christmas.

Today is the biggest online shopping day of the year so it seems like the perfect day to start, and I will be looking at bookish clothing.

This t-shirt is from Threadless. For those like me who are not such Twilight fans.

“Real Vampires Don’t Sparkle*

*They Sleep During the Day”

The Out of Print Clothing Company makes lots of t-shirts and jumpers with book covers on. Not to mention accessories and stationary. The Pride and Prejudice range is my favourite with its beautiful peacock.

The Apostrophe Police t-shirt is actually from a UK store! Balcony Shirts has a great selection, and I’m sure those in the book world know more people like this that most!







I can’t decide if the book related pants on BunnyJump’s Etsy Page are cute or a big wrong…especially as they seem to only feature children’s books but are adult pants




I love Irregular Choice shoes, and the rabbits on these (which feature on the bottom of most Irregular Choice shoes) really put me in mind of Alice in Wonderland.



I wish the Roald Dahl Museum Shop sold t-shirts for adults. A kid at work has a couple and I am in love with them.


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