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It’s (not!) Fridaaaaay

…and that means the Book Blog Hop is here!

And this week’s question is a bit difficult, ’cause I don’t really know the answer

How many books do you own? This can include books in your to-be-read (TBR) pile(s) and books you have already read that are on your keeper shelf.

As far as books I own, I have no idea at all. I recently packed up the books in my room, and that was about 6 boxes, not to mention my other books around the house. My TBR pile in paper books is at about err 20 books and I have I think about 10 on my kindle…possibly a few more. It’s actually quite big for me, I usually at least attempt to stay in single figures…

Note: for some reason this didn’t post properly on Friday…but I thought it had. I apologise for anyone who tried to visit only to find the link didn’t work


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The Book Blogger Hop is Back!

Book Blogger Hop

Oh it’s been such a long time hasn’t it? Jennifer @ Crazy for Books has decided to revive the Book Blogger Hop. She missed it and I have to say I did too. The rules are the same as always except now the hop runs from Friday to Thursday rather than just over the weekend, so there’s plenty of time to join in. I only found out it was back last night so that’s why I didn’t post on Friday.

This week’s question is….

Who is your favorite book character? I’ll give you a maximum of two choices, but they have to be from different genres!

Oh that’s a difficult one! I always liked Luna in the Harry Potter series. She’s obviously clever, and stramge, wonderfully so. I love that she doesn’t really care what anyone else thinks of her.


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It’s Friday that means it’s blog hop time.

This weeks question is What’s the ONE GENRE that you wish you could get into, but just can’t?

I don’t really have a genre I would want to be able to read but don’t, I read most genres and every genre I want to. I don’t feel I’m missing out.


If you’re visiting from the hop hia! This week I’m holding a Harry Potter week here on Lucybird’s Book Blog. I hope you’ll have a look through the various posts I’ve made, and feel free to enter my big giveaway.


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