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Bloggiesta To-Do List

It’s Bloggiesta next week folks. There is so much I need to get done (I think I even commented somewhere last week that I needed a Bloggiesta to make me do stuff) so it’s about time I participated.

Bloggiesta is a blogging event about doing those things which you’ve been meaning to do on your blog but have been procrastinating over or not found time for. It’s a time where you say ‘right, I’m getting this done’. There are always lots of other bloggers on hand to help out, especially on twitter and there are mini challenges so you can find out how to do new things on your blog (I joined twitter thanks to one of these in the past).

Sign-up to take part here.

The List (in no specific order)

  • Review:- The Shock of the Fall, Dexter by Design, Dexter is Delicious, Slaughter-House Five, The Color War, The Humans, The Silkworm, Clash of Kings, The Forgotten Daughter, Larger Than Life.
  • Update review masterlists author and title, and Children’s Hour masterlist
  • Update reviews on goodreads and amazon
  • Re-write intros for Children’s Hour and Sunday Surfing
  • Update review policy
  • Update blog roll and feedly subscriptions
  • Take part in a/some mini challenges –Anchor Links for masterlists
  • Update twitter profile
  • Unfollow spammy twitter people
  • Sort out twitter lists
  • Do something about the pages links
  • Musings post about concept of literary (?)
  • Sort  out e-mails
  • Sort new stuff for facebook page
  • Write Sunday Surfing
  • Schedule ‘what’s been popular’ twitter and facebook updates


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It’s Blogiverary Time!

Today Lucybird’s Book Blog is 4 years old! Can you believe it?!

The last couple of years I’ve had a giveaway for the blogiversary, but this year I’m saving for a house, so I’m going to stick with looking back.

Over the last 4 years I have….

Reviewed 249 books and 14 films

Posted 50 musing posts

Posted 67 children’s picture book reviews in my Children’s Hour feature

And 10 of my new(ish) Sunday Surfing news posts


And what’s been popular?

My most viewed posts:

Review: When God Was a Rabbit

Film review: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (part 2)

Post about Harry Potter Merchandise

Review: How Winning the Lottery Changed my Life

Review: About a Boy


Tomorrow I’m going to be posting about what’s to come.



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Bloggiesta Day 3

I feel a like I got less done yesterday than I did on Friday- but I think that is mainly because I did more things which took a long time.

So yesterday I:

  • Took part in a twitter party
  • Added my blog to blognation
  • Sorted the people I follow on twitter into groups. This took much longer than I had anticipated, partly because the list kept randomly jumping up, and partly because I had imaged that I might be able to add people to a group in bulk.
  • Sorted out my google reader. I was shocked at the number of bloggers who hadn’t posted for a year or more 😦 some of whom were bloggers whose blogs I had really enjoyed. I was quite happy to find I didn’t have to delete many blogs because I no longer read them, however.
  • Sorted out blogroll
  • Backed-up my blog
  • Visited and commented on some other blogs
  • Updated my review lists
  • Added review of Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares to netgally

How did your second day of bloggiesta go?


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Bloggiesta Day 2

It’s day 2 of bloggiesta. I’m quite happy with the amount I got done last night, but I’ve done most of the easy things now!

So far I have:

  • Contacted a couple of people in regards to making a banner for my blog.
  • Updated my Children’s Hour page so all my children’s hour posts are listed, and to add a bit of explanation
  • Whittled down my twitter list- basically deleting authors whose books I haven’t read/don’t plan on reading. This should mean my twitter feed is made up of more of what I’m interested in. I have yet to create groups.
  • Visited and commented on a few other blogs
  • Responded to outstanding comments- although I have more to reply on which were posted while I was sleeping.
  • Updated my Goodreads reviews
  • Updated my Amazon reviews
  • Read and responded to author/publicist e-mails
  • Taken part in 1 mini-challenge. I did Smack Attack’s Grade Yourself Challenge. My grade came out as 89 which I’m really chuffed with. The only things it said was that I don’t have enough of my posts tweeted or shared on facebook, and that I could add more tags to my photos. The first I’m not sure how to go about improving. With the second I’m unsure whether I can add tags without breaking my amazon affiliate links

How did your first day of bloggiesta go?


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Bloggiesta Starting Line

Hia you guys! Yay bloggiesta has finally arrived, I’ve been getting this post ready all month.

Bloggiesta is an event held over this weekend where bloggers get together to work on their blogs. If you would like to join up, or visit other blogs joining in then have a look at the starting point post over at There’s a Book.

I really enjoyed the last bloggiesta (my first) and have plenty I need doing for this one!

Anyone who is visiting for the first time. Hello. I’m Lucy. Feel free to look around my blog. I mainly post contemporary reviews but I review a children’s picture book once a week (I’m a nursery nurse, so it seem appropriate) and I post on musings about books and reading too. Leave me a comment and I will give you a visit.

So, without further ado, and in no particular order here is….

The List

  • Cross-post reviews to Amazon
  • Make a banner/ sort out getting one made (if anyone can recommend someone who can do this for me that would be awesome. I’ve contacted a couple of people who never got back to me 😦 and have one to look into)
  • Update masterlists
  • Sort out google reader
  • Sort out blogroll
  • Write outstanding reviews – Going Out
  • Write future Children’s Hour posts
  • Look at Top 10 Tuesday topics, possibly write posts
  • Update review policy
  • Update Children’s Hour Page
  • Create new introduction for Children’s Hour
  • Add links to other reviews on reviews
  • Sort out Twitter list (possibly create groups)
  • Visit some other blogs
  • Take part in some mini-challenges (Have completed Smash Attack Read’s Grade Yourself Mini-Challenge)
  • Update Goodreads reviews
  • Take part in a twitter party/some twitter parties.
  • Reply to outstanding comments
  • Respond to author/publicist e-mails.
  • Back-up blog
  • Write a custom message for e-mail subscribers

I’m going to be crossing things off as I go along, and possibly adding stuff too.


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Bloggiesta is back.

Bloggiesta is back this month. September 28th-30th and I will be participating again.

Bloggiesta is an event to work on your blog. Anything you’ve been meaning to do but somehow haven’t gotten around to. Lots of bloggers will be posting guides and blog ideas. You can join in twitter chats and visit other blogs.

I got a lot done during my last bloggiesta and am looking forward to doing it again.

You can sign up here.


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Children’s hour notice

I have decided not to post a Children’s hour this week I did have one prepared but WordPress ate it. I have an interview tomorrow and lots of preparation to do so don’t really have time to write it again. I promise I will get something up on the blog over the weekend though.


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Oh How Far We Have Come!

Today is my blogiversary. Can you believe it? Lucybird’s Book Blog has been going for two whole years! I would not think when I started that thread (which is still there by the way) on The Bookclub Forum over 2 years ago that it would come to this. Never had I imagined the amazing blogs and bloggers I would find, the visitors who would stop by, the authors who would actually give me free books just for my review!

Yes a lot has changed, my reading has gone up, my postings have gone up, my visitor count has gone up, I’ve even joined twitter,  but I think this blog still as the same ideals that I set it up with; to write simple reviews of books I had read which people would enjoy (or at least I hope you all enjoy them). And to write about book related topics which interest me (and hopefully again interest my readers). I’m still proud that I don’t take part in two tons on memes, just The Book Blogger Hop. I still don’t really like memes, they just seem like filler to me, or a way to get people to visit your blog. Not that it’s bad to get people to visit your blog, just it seem a bit like a popularity contest.

What is still to come? Well only the future will really tell, but I have a few plans. I have a reading challenge in the pipeline for the new year, and a possibility of re-launching the Out the Comfort Zone Hop along with it. I have a few little things I want to change (like writing a proper review policy). I’m considering the possibility of setting up a fan page for facebook, as just another way for readers to connect with the blog. I also want to write a sort of blog guide for new visitors.

Watch out over the next week for more Blogiversary posts, including a giveaway with a twist!


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