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BBAW: What Book Blogging Means to Me

I’m taking part in Book Blogger Appreciation Week this week, and today we’re all looking at what book blogging means to us.

I started this blog just over three years ago (my blogiversary was at the end of August) but I’ve had a bookish presence online for quite a lot longer than that. Firstly it was more about Harry Potter, I am a member of The Chamber Of Secrets Forums where I used to spend a lot of time. I’m not going to go into the relations between my online life and Harry Potter (it would just make this post last forever) but I have made a post on it in the past that you can read if you are interested.

Really though by book blogging life started with The Book Club Forum where I had my own thread for book reviews, as well as joining in with discussions about books. Quite a few members on there have their own blogs and my thread eventually became Lucybird’s Book Blog.

I discovered the wider book blogging community through the book blogger hop (hosted by Jennifer @ Crazy for Books) which one of my forum friends took part in. That’s when I really got going.

Well that’s my favourite thing about book blogging really. Discovering new blogs, and with it new books. I’ve read some really fantastic books thanks to other bloggers. I’ve discovered different blogs. I’ve found inspiration for my musings posts from things other bloggers have written, and from comments and conversations started in different posts I’ve made. I got introduced to twitter, which is just a fantastic way to meet new bloggers- and to find out about blogging events.

Ultimately blogging for me is about sharing my love for books with the world. I hope I inspire people to read with my reviews and/or posts- or even just help them to find a book they love.


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BBAW: Appreciation

Hia guys. It’s Book Blogger Appreciation Week. Whoop whoop!

Book Blogger Appreciation Week is just that, a week to appreciate your favourite book blogs, to find out more about them, and to find great new blogs.

Welcome to anyone who is visiting for the first time. Feel free to have a look around. Comment if you want to. I’d love it if you want to follow me too.

Today is all about giving a shout out to your favourite blogs. I’m going to list five, but I also want to direct you guys to my blog roll, all great blogs which you should check out just not my very, very favourites right at this moment in time (although it can change from day to day). I would love you to give those guys support too but if you’re pressed for time have a look at these 5.

1) Judith @ Leeswammes’ Blog Judith’s tastes are very similar to mine, which is pretty much why I read her blog. If I like the synopsis of a book she is reading and she has enjoyed it I am almost guaranteed to enjoy it too. My wishlist is full of books I read about on Leeswammes’ Blog. Judith’s reviews are always very detailed too, so you can be sure you know what you’re getting into. Judith is also the host of The Literary Giveaway Hop which I have participated in a few times, and is great fun.

2) Ellie @ Curiosity Killed the Bookworm I originally discovered Curiosity Killed the Bookworm through twitter, and ‘i probably still ‘interact’ with Ellie the most that way. Technically I shouldn’t like Curiosity Killed the Bookworm. Ellie mainly reviews YA, which I very rarely read. However her reviews are so enthusiastic that when she does read something I might be interested in I can’t help but want to read it too. That’s how I discovered Charlotte Street which I went crazy over a couple of weeks ago. I also love Ellie’s blog layout, it’s probably my favourite looking blog on my blog list.

3) Sam @ Sam Still Reading  I’ve been following Sam Still Reading from not long after it was set up and I love how similar Sam’s progress has been to my own. Sam reads a lot of similar books to me (although maybe a bit more historical fiction). Her reviews are quite similar to mine as well, simple but they cover everything I would want them to cover. It’s almost like Sam Still Reading is tailor made for me.

4) Anna @ TwoOrThreeThingsIKnowAboutHer I only discovered Anna’s blog this weekend when she commented on one of my posts. She hasn’t been blogging for long (her blog only has 5 posts at the time of writing) but I enjoyed reading all the posts. I like that her reviews aren’t so much reviews as thoughts about the books she’s read, has been reading, or is yet to read. I also love that she takes her own photos for all her posts.

5) Chris @ ChrisbookaramaThe main thing I like about Chrisbookarama is Chris’ Friday Bookish Buzz feature, I get probably about 90% of my book news from this feature (the rest comes mainly from bookriot, and occasionally from The Guardian or twitter), even when my reader is out of control I stop scrolling for Bookish Buzz. I also like how varied Chris’ reviews are, there’s pretty much something for everyone.



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BBAW: Reading and Blogging

Yikes well how has blogging changed my reading habits, and book acquisition habits?

Well to start off with I am probably buying more books. Before I started book blogging I rarely had more than 3 books on my to be read (TBR) pile, now I’m lucky if it reaches single figures. I know lots of bloggers have much bigger TBR piles than me, within the 100s, so I suppose I am quite restrained. My wishlist has also soared, my current Amazon wishlist stands at 95 items, most of which are recommendations from other bloggers, that’s not counting the books I have noted in books from browsing book stores, or from seeing other people reading, and from reading other books.

Then there is of course the books I have received free from wonderfully generous publishers and authors, which I may never have read or even heard of otherwise. I’ve read some great books this way.

Then there are challenges and read-a-long which put me onto new books or make me more determined to read books I had on my TBR pile or wishlist. I’m currently taking part in the Haruki Murakami Challenge, The Take a Chance Challenge, The Rory Gilmore Challenge, and The Harry Potter Read-a-long.

As for actually reading? Well I pretty much go about things the same way. Sometimes I think of what I might say on my blog when I review a book, but only usually when I have strong feelings about it, or when something sticks in my mind. I probably try to think more critically when reading a book I’ve been asked to review, but only so it won’t be just a gut reaction.


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BBAW: ‘Doing’ Community

So my first Book Blogger Appreciation week has been very busy! Unfortunately though it’s not been busy with book blogging related activities. Being on late shift at work has not helped, it means I am unlikely to be in before 7 any night, but I get round that. However Monday, WordPress throwing a hissy fit, took forever to load anything and then chucked away half my post (thank you auto-save!), didn’t get my post up until I should have been in bed. Yesterday, didn’t have a post planned but looking forward to reading some blogs and working on my post for today (possibly, you can probably guess most of my posts are pretty much off the cuff). Unfortunately I became ill at work and ended up spending all evening in bed, so that was pretty much a fail. As for today, I expected to be busy, I had my first sign language lesson, which didn’t finish till 8:30…so here we are.

Anyway moving on today we are talking about how we make a community. Hey, there are a lot of book bloggers out there, how can you ever connect to them all? Well it’s easy enough to find other bloggers, there are various book blogger directories (have a look in my About me section for a few) and of course the book blogger search engine. Then of course their are different blog hops and memes which help bloggers to link up to each other. Only problem is that you can get lost in the sea of blogs and find no real community at all.

So here are the little ways I use to try and create a community, or be involved in one:

1) Twitter– seriously I was so against twitter for ages but now I really see what people mean when they talk about a blogger community. Twitter allows you to find posts you love, it lets you chat to other bloggers, and is great for links to publishers. Find me @lucybirdbooks

2) Comment– Someone comment on your blog? Reply, visit their blog, if you like it follow them. Like a post, say so- try to be constructive, a million nice posts comments won’t create a bond.

3) Visit blogs you are interested in. Comment where you can. If you have similar taste why not look at blogs they follow?

4) Discussion memes are good to get people chatting, unfortunately my favourite never really got off the ground but I often comment on the Top Ten Tuesday even though I haven’t (yet) taken part


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It’s Book Blogger Appreciation Week!

This year is the first time I’ve participated in Book Blogger Appreciation Week (or BBAW) and I’m very excited! Last year I can’t say I was very connected with the blogging community (which is the focus of this year’s BBAW).

Today we are talking about Blogger’s who have inspired us and encouraged us.

Well in a way my blog was inspired not by bloggers as such but by a community. The Book Club Forum was where my blog started, as form of a member book review thread (which does still exist). The forum does have its own blog which is contributed to by a number of members and lots of members have their own blogs.

As for blogger’s themselves? Well I can’t get away without talking about Jennifer at Crazy for Books because it was really her Book Blogger Hop which introduced me to the book blogging community. For similar reasons I want to highlight Sherry at Semicolon who runs the review of reviews, which is a great way to find new books and new bloggers.

I also want to mention Judith at Leeswames’ Blog who seems to have very similar taste in books to me, and who introduced me to the (surprisingly addictive) world of giveaways through her Literary Blog Hop Giveaway (do visit her blog, today she announced another giveaway hop for next month).

I also want to mention Jackie at Farm Lane Books, simply because she’s the blogger who seems to have the closest taste in books to my own taste. I really trust her recommendations.

Finally to all my readers, commenters, and subscribers. Thank you for all your support.


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