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Review of the Year 2012- Best Non-Fiction

As only one non-fiction scored 5/5 this year I’m going to list all that scored 4/5 or above. Of course the one which scored 5/5 is the winner!

How To Be a Woman- Caitlin Moran

Is a collection of the thoughts of Caitlin Moran on being and experiences of being a woman.

Dave Gorman Vs. The Rest of the World- Dave Gorman

Is a book where Dave Gorman travels around the country playing different games with different people, some familiar, and some less well known.

Sick- Jen Smith

Is a story of drugs and domestic violence.


The Fry Chronicles- Stephen Fry

Is the second of Stephen Fry’s autobiographies and chronicles his rise to fame.

And the winner is…

How to be a Woman- Caitlin Moran

I loved this book. Caitlin is funny and easy going. I really just wanted to be her friend whilst reading How to be a Woman. It’s advertised as a feminist book, I wouldn’t say it was a major point to the book however, although it did have some feminist areas.


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Review of the Year 2012- Fiction

This year I read quite a few books which scored 5/5 so could be my best fiction book of the year.

The Secret Keeper- Kate Morton

As a child Laurel witnessed her mother stabbing a man, as her mother is dying years later Laurel begins to wonder who that man was, and what had driven her mother to do such things. As with Morton’s previous work it’s a story of family history, family secrets, and family love.

Charlotte Street- Danny Wallace

Completely different to The Secret Keeper Charlotte Street is a romantic comedy. A chance meeting on Charlotte Street leaves a man with a woman’s camera and sparks off an adventure across London- and the wider UK area- to find her. It’s a funny book and reminds me a lot of Nick Hornby’s writing

The Brooklyn Bites Books 1 & 2- Scott Stabile

I’ve been championing these beautiful short stories all year. The imagery of food is beautiful, and the relationships well written, I am eagerly anticipating book 4.


The Last 100 Days- Patrick McGuinness

The Last 100 Days is a story of the last 100 days in communist Romanian. It took a while for me to get into but was very realistic.


The Hunger Games books 1 & 2- Suzanne Collins

Every year in Panem 2 children in each district have to fight in a battle to the death in the annual Hunger Games. In The Hunger Games Katniss is the tribute for district 12 and the story continues in a further 2 books. After initially being sceptical I ended up loving these books, I even have 2 copies of the first one, one on my kindle and one in paperback.

It’s a bit difficult to really compare these books. they are all so different. One mystery, one comedy, one short story, one historical, and one young adult. However looking at them it’s obvious which one sticks out for me…

Scott Stabile’s Brooklyn Bites Series

I never thought I would say that the best book(s) I had read all year were short stories. I generally find that short stories lack something- like they don’t go into enough depth. The Brooklyn Bites stories however are pretty simple plotwise, and that means that more words can be devoted to things like building character and atmosphere. All the stories are about food, and they’re all about people. Stabile does fantastic work in really giving a good sense of the characters and their relationships, combined with mouth-watering descriptions of food. I recommend these pretty much every time I get a chance, plus they’re only 77p on the kindle, so you can’t really say you can’ afford it!

The third books A Pickle and Carrot Cake is also very good, just not quite as fantastic as the previous 2


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Review of the Year 2012- Challenges

The Rory List (ongoing challenge)

This year I have read 5 (arguably 6) books from the Rory List

The Crimson Petal and the White

The Great Gatsby

The Picture of Dorian Gray

Pride and Prejudice

(Grimm’s Fairytales– I had already read a different version of this)

The Virgin Suicides

I beat last year’s total, which had been my aim, being able to get some for free on my kindle has helped.

Murakami Reading Challenge 2012

Haruki Murakami Reading Challenge 2012

Didn’t do well on this one at all this year, only one book. I had aimed to read 5, but I struggled with 1Q84 and I have an edition with books 1 & 2 together so I wasn’t allowing myself to get another Murakami until I had finished that- which I still haven’t done. The site doesn’t appear to be as active this year either so I don’t know if it will be happening next year.

1Q84 (Book 1)

Next year I am really excited for my own challenge The Out of Your Comfort Zone Challenge. The idea is that you read books you wouldn’t usually read, and hopefully find something new to love.

Wishlist Challenge 2013

I’m also participating in the Wishlist Challenge 2013.


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Review of the Year 2012- Overview

Image from goodreads

Image from goodreads

I’m doing things a little different again this year, I’ve decided not to do a post of disappointing books, but as last year I will do a post on challenges, and separate posts for fiction and non-fiction

This year I have read 78 books, that’s 15 more than last year:

  • 8 have been non-fiction, 66 have been fiction
  • No re-reads this year
  • 4 (arguably 5) have been read as part of reading challenges.

My wishlist currently contains 116 books (oops, more than last year!) and my To be Read Pile totals up to 44 books (well if we go by this year’s numbers that should probably last me until October-ish)

8 books have scored 5/5

40 books have scored 4/5

25 books have scored 3/5

2 books have scored 2/5

0 books have scored 1/5

So generally this year I have been reading more enjoyable books (hooray!)


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