Review Policy

I am now tentatively accepting review requests, but it may take me time to review.

I only accept requests for contemporary fiction and historical fiction (but please don’t send me requests for historical romances).

I will accept copies of Children’s picture books for my Children’s Hour feature, however these will need to be hardcopies as I will be taking them to work to read with the kids. Also note that most of the children I work with are between the ages of 3 and 5 years, so I will not accept books which would not suit this age.

I do not accept review requests for Romance, fantasy, sci-fi, paranormal fiction, or Chick-lit. Please don’t send me requests for these, they just get deleted.

I will very occasionally accept crime fiction and YA requests.

If I have read something by an author before I will look at review requests for other books by them, but cannot guarantee to accept.

If you would like me to review your book please send me an e-mail at (or use the form below). Please include a synopsis in your e-mail and be prepared to send me either a hardcopy or kindle copy of the book you would like me to review. You can also find me on netgalley and edelweiss

Unfortunately I can no longer guarantee that your book will be the next I read as my pile of review books is constantly being added to, however if you have a release date approaching or other reason you would like a review by a certain date I will take this into account.

You can find me on Goodreads, , Twitter, Facebook, AmazonBookmooch, tumblr and Bookcrossing. I will not however accept requests sent through these sites.

For tips on getting your book reviewed by bloggers, and advice on approaching bloggers you may want to read On Review Requests and Approaching the Blogger


10 responses to “Review Policy

  1. Hey Lucy! I love your blog. You have awesome taste in books. I’m placing you on my blogroll and I’ll definitely be back to read your reviews!

  2. Lucybird

    Thank you 🙂

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  4. Hi Lucy,
    great blog, it’s now been added to my reading list. If you get the chance have a peek at my blog

  5. P.s. I have also followed

  6. Hi Anna,

    Thanks for visiting. I will certainly pop along to have a look at your blog

  7. Hi Lucy,
    Cool blog!
    Would really appreciate your feedback on my website with illustrated stories for children, audio and braille books, storytelling tips, and activities:

    Thanks a bunch!

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