Bout of Books- Day 7/overall round-up

Hia readers!

That’s it ‘Bout Of Books’ is done. How is it over so quick?

I did pretty well on my goals, I missed out on 2 daily challenges, one because of time, and one because of a lack of inspiration. I more or less reached my reading goals, and I read one book I hadn’t intended to so I’m happy with that.

  1. Catch up to my goodreads reading challenge goal (Done)
  2. Finish my two current reads (Done!)
  3. Read my next book group read (less than 100 pages left)
  4. Participate in instagram(done) and twitter/daily challenges every day.

I’ve made good headway with ‘Liar’ today. I have less than 100 pages left and if not in my bed reading I will finish tomorrow.

Today’s daily challenge…

Was to look at our goals. See above

It’s been great to have you all here, feel free to check back in, I’m plaining on reviews next week

Hows your ‘Bout of Books’ been?

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One response to “Bout of Books- Day 7/overall round-up

  1. Congrats! You did awesome on the readathon! You were able to catch up on your Goodreads goal! I am still behind but I did make a dent. 😀


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