Bout of Books- Day 5 round-up

Hia readers!

Happy day 5! Just the weekend left. Have a look at it all at ‘Bout Of Books’

Here are my goals…

  1. Catch up to my goodreads reading challenge goal (! book left!)
  2. Finish my two current reads (Done!)
  3. Read my next book group read (started)
  4. Participate in instagram and twitter/daily challenges every day.

Yesterday I didn’t think I’d make it…but today I feel more optimistic!

I’m on a roll today, finished ‘Early Riser’ early this afternoon, started ‘Liar’ (my bookgroup book), and finished ‘Too Loud, Too Fat, Too Slutty’ later this after noon.

That makes my total number of books finished so far 3

Today’s daily challenge…

Are you joining in with Bout of Books? How are you doing?


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2 responses to “Bout of Books- Day 5 round-up

  1. I like your poem! I feel like it’s a saying a Marvel movie. 😉


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