Bout of Books- Day 4 round-up

Hia readers!

How is it day 4 already?  I feel like Bout of Books just started

Here are my goals…

  1. Catch up to my goodreads reading challenge goal (apparently I’m 3 books behind, even after finishing one yesterday)
  2. Finish my two current reads (I’ve finished 1 already!)
  3. Read my next book group read
  4. Participate in instagram and twitter/daily challenges every day.

I already know I’m not going to make it, but that I will complete more than 2 reads, so I’m happy enough with that.

I’ve only been reading ‘Early Riser’ today, but I am almost done, only about 100 pages left, I may even finish when I go to bed!

I’ve not been reading ‘Too Fat, too Loud, too Slutty’ because it’s on the kindle, and I tend to only read that if I’m out of the house

Today’s daily challenge…

I like today’s challenge. I considered doing two, but I decided to just go for the one which highlighted a less well known author… (links below are amazon affiliate links, all money goes back to the blog)

If you like Kate Morton try….Linda Gillard

Linda has quite a few books focused around old houses and family secrets. The House of Silence, in particular, is a bit like a blend of Kate Morton and the gothic sides of Bronte novels.

Her earlier novels are more towards the romantic novels, but I wouldn’t define them as ‘chick-lit’, they are smarter, and just generally different, without the ‘usual’ heroines.

Linda is an indie author. Her first three books were published with a traditional publisher, although she has now published all except Stargazing herself, and since publishing as an indie author has come out with five more.

Are you joining in with Bout of Books? How are you doing?

If you haven’t joined but would like to you have until midnight to sign up

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One response to “Bout of Books- Day 4 round-up

  1. This week is flying by so fast! I can’t believe that the readathon will end in just a couple of days!


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