Children’s Hour: Winston Was Worried

It’s my last week at the nursery before I leave for my nursing degree, so I thought I really should do a Children’s Hour post this week. Hopefully I’ll still manage to get a few out from my memory after I’ve left (and I’ve bought the kids some books as a goodbye present so I may be able to review those…if I get a chance to read them)


I’ve heard other staff reading Winston Was Worried to the kids, I think generally when the kids pick a book from the bookcase (we have some accessible to the kids and a few ‘nice’ ones which we keep on a shelf but let the kids choose from in group time). Somehow though, even though it’s a popular choice, I hadn’t read it myself until today…and I really missed out on that!

You see the thing that really makes this story is the pictures. All throughout Winston is bemoaning his paw which has a splinter in it

“There is nothing as bad as having a splinter in your paw. I am so unfortunate. Everything always happens to me”

but he doesn’t realise that the friends he is walking away from are much more unfortunate as they have their own accidents. The story itself is very simple, but by looking at the pictures you can add to the story yourself or -as in this case- you can ask the listener questions about what they can see. This is great for making the kids feel that they are reading themselves, and for helping them pay attention to the book- plus they love seeing what is happening to Winston’s friends

Winston is worried is no longer available new but you can buy it used

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