Bout of Books Wrap-up

Yesterday was the last day of Bout of Books. I’m pretty happy with how things went, I managed to finish off one book which I had already started, and read an additional two. My goal had been to read over other things (e.g. binge-watching netflix) and I did that, most of the time. I’m hoping to carry on with choosing books because actually I found that if I didn’t start something else then I really did get into the book and it wasn’t an effort. I do have quite a few reviews I need to write now though!

These are the books I managed…

Each day I posted on my twitter…this is my favourite tweet (or should I say the first two in a thread)

I also took part in the instagram challenges. This was my favourite

Next Bout of Books is 7th-13t January. I’ll be well into my nursing course by then, but I hope I’ll be able to squeeze some non-uni reading in

How did your readathon go?

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