Disenchanted- Heide Goody and Iain Grant


Ella is pretty content with her life. Sure she has a bridezilla of a stepmother to-be, and her father never seems to be around, and whilst her stepsister is perfectly nice she isn’t like Ella at all, but overall Ella’s pretty happy.

Then some dwarfs show up, insisting that Ella’s stepmother is out to kill her, and things just get more bizarre from there.


I’m quite a fan of the novels co-authored by Goody and Grant (I’ve not actually read any pure Goody or Grant) so when I saw ‘Disenchanted’ on amazon I was more than willing to give it a try.

Everything else I’ve read by the team has been the part of a series but ‘Disenchanted’ is a stand alone novel (or at least I hope it is, it really doesn’t seem that it could be the start of a series). It’s a bit of a twisted fairytale, it asks what if the princess doesn’t want her ‘perfect’ price charming? And what if the characters are not quite what they have always been painted as.

Ella is a great character. She’s self sufficient. She’s not your stereotypical fairytale princess, she cares much more about doing her own thing than trying to find a fairytale ending. After all how can half the fairytales really be happily ever after? The princess who married the guy who awoke her with a kiss? The one who married the guy who locked her up until she fell in love with him? Or the one who fell in love after a dance? Even real fairytales can’t be that perfect, right?

I loved the fairytale references littered through the book, especially when Ella started to catch onto them too. I loved the feisty women. Most of all I loved being able to laugh.

You could probably easily read this in a day. It’s incredibly readable, light and humorous without lacking substance. It doesn’t have as much dark or slightly disgusting humour as other books by the team, so it’s probably better for those who don’t like that type of humour (although if that is you I hope this is a gateway book!).


Buy it:

Kindle (£3.50)

Paperback (£5.99)

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