Book and a Brew unboxing

As part of my birthday present my sister got me a Book and Brew subscription. I found out about Book and a Brew through instagram, and have wanted to try it for a while, just was being stingy (which is a bit silly because it’s not like £15 once is unaffordable to try out!) It seems like a good idea for a box, a hardback book and a tea which is meant to ‘match’ the book, plus they try to send lesser known books. And you get exciting post, I love post- especially when it isn’t the hospital letters which usually make up my post!

My first box contained the novel ‘Etta and Otto and Russell and James‘ which seems to be one of those finding life at the end of life novels which have been quite popular lately. It might not have been one I would pick myself, but it does look good, and I like that a box may bring you books you might not otherwise read. You can read the whole blurb in the pictures.

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Trying my #tea from @bookandabrew

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My first tea was a ginger tea from oteas. I’ve had ginger teas before, I tend to have them when I have a cold or sore throat, with a spoonful of honey, this one I tried on it’s own to start with. I’ve had a couple of them now, and they do well on their own. As far as ginger teas I’ve tried go this one is pretty delicate, it doesn’t have the heat I would expect from a ginger tea, and I found to get a decent flavour I had to brew it for quite a long time (the box suggests 5-10 minutes, but I think it would have been good for longer). It was sweeter as well, so it didn’t need the honey, and made a nicer everyday tea.




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4 responses to “Book and a Brew unboxing

  1. What a lovely surprise gift and fun idea!


  2. But what’s a ginger tea without that bite?

    I love this concept of a surprise book and a matching tea and am looking forward to reading about your future deliveries.


  3. This is a good idea! It would encourage people to read books that they wouldn’t normally pick up in a book shop. Also, the tea is a bonus, the ginger tea sounds delicious.


  4. I really enjoyed getting them, not sure if it’s a cost I can commit myself to though


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