Top 10 Tuesday: Books Read in the Lifetime of this Blog

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It’s Tuesday which means it’s time for ‘Top Ten Tuesday’ from  The Broke and the Bookish is back today, this is a freebie week looking back, so I’ve decided to do the best books read in the lifetime of this blog

These books were top of my review of the year lists for the years I read them.

As always, in no particular order.

Living Dolls- Natasha Walters

This was my top non-fiction book which I read in 2011. It is still one of my most recommended books and it got me into feminist reading.

About how society breeds girls.


The War of Don Emmanuel’s Nether Parts- Louis de Bernieres

After years of searching I found a book by de Berniere’s which met up to (and suppassed) Captain Correlli’s.

This story about a fictional latin American country going through civil war is one of my favourite ever and was my best fiction read of 2011
Pop Co.- Scarlett Thomas

This was my favourite fiction read of 2010.

About code breaking, advertising, mystery, and a little political


Handle With Care- Jodi Picoult

This 2009 read is still my favourite Picoult as it has a theme which I really connect with. About a girl with brittle bones and how her mother is suing the midwife who missed the signs in scans

Life After Life- Kate Atkinson

This story of reliving lives is still a favourite of mine since being my favourite read in 2013

How to Be a Woman- Caitlin Moran

This is the funny, feminist book by Caitlin Moran which made me want to be her friend. I read it back in 2012

Brooklyn Bites Series- Scott Stabile

Oh it’s been so long since I’ve got to rave about Brooklyn Bites. These beautiful short stories are so perfectly descriptive of food that you can almost taste it.

Texts From Jane Eyre- Mallory Ortberg

This funny little book suggests how texts from famous literary characters would be like

Yes Means Yes- Various

An important and interesting feminist book which I read earlier this year and wrote lots of posts about.


How to Be a Heroine- Samantha Ellis

In this great book Ellis looks back at previously loved books with a new perspective


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10 responses to “Top 10 Tuesday: Books Read in the Lifetime of this Blog

  1. I haven’t read any of these, but both Life After Life and Texts From Jane Eyre are on my physical tbr shelves. I need to add How to be a Heroine to the list!


  2. I love Jodi Picoult’s books. Handle With Care isn’t my favourite one, but it’s definitely up there with her best!
    My TTT:


  3. Oh, Texts from Jane Eyre was fantastic.

    You’re the second person to recommend Life After Life this week. I’m growing more curious about that tale by the moment.

    Here is our Top Ten Tuesday.


  4. Isi

    I have only read LIfe after life, but I have read a few of Picoult’s books and I have a copy of the one you mentioned.
    I’ll take your recommendations into account, thanks!


  5. I hope you like it :). I’ve reviewed most of Picoult’s books on the blog so have a look around 🙂


  6. You should definitely look it up, it’s fantastic.


  7. I think it’s because of my personal connection that it’s my favourite. Which is yours?


  8. Texts from Jane Eyre is quite good for flicking through. I read it cover to cover but it may not be best that way.


  9. My Sister’s Keeper


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