Deals of the Moment- February 2017

Every month amazon has a set of kindle monthly deals. Whenever there are deals of interest I post on here. Links are associate links but money goes back into the blog.

So I’m going to briefly talk about the books I’ve read which are on offer, and those that I have bought myself. Why I liked them/bought them, and what they are about. End links are to the amazon page, any other links are to my reviews.

Please note prices are correct at time of publishing and may be subject to change.

The Thorn Birds- Colleen McClough

I read ‘The Thorn Birds’ quite recently, I haven’t reviewed it yet but I did enjoy it. It’s about a family who move to Australia and the following generations of that family.

You can buy it…here (only £2.39)

Love Anthony- Lisa Genova

The usual grip of Genova’s compassion and realism. Love Anthony is about two women. One coming to terms with life after her autistic child has died, and another dealing with separation from her partner and how they help each other in unexpected ways

You can buy it…here (only £0.99)

Bad Science- Ben Goldacre

I’ve been interested in Bad Science for a while. It’s about all the less that scientific science things which we are exposed too. Things like ‘detox’ diets, and studies sponsored by companies which will benefit from certain results.

You can buy it….here (only £1.99)

The Hunger Games- Suzanne Collins

I’m pretty sure most people know the general premise of ‘The Hunger Games’ by now, and it’s well worth a read. It focuses around one contestant in ‘The Hunger Games’ a game held every year where children are chosed to fight to the death.

Buy it…here (only £2.69

The Secret Scripture- Sebastian Barry

Ever since I read ‘The Secret Scripture’ I’ve been hoping for a Barry novel which I loved as much. It’s the story of Roseanne, a woman who has spent most of her adult life in a mental institution in Ireland, how she got there, and her life in there.

Buy it…here (only £3.09)

The Good Immigrant- Various

The good immigrant is a series of stories from immigrants to the UK about the nature of being an immigrant. I’m really interested in this one

Buy it…here (only £2.99)

The Storyteller- Jodi Picoult

I always love a Picoult novel and ‘The Storyteller’ is no different. The story of a hidden Nazi war criminal who confesses his sins to a Jew, and her battle with what to do with the information

Buy it…here (only £0.99)

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