One of these days…

…I will start writing proper posts again, but it’s Tuesday (or at least it was when I started his post), so I thought I would do a list of things which are distracting me from my blog…

  1. Netflix/amazon prime first it was The Thick of It, then Outnumbered, then Being Human, Mad Men, Mr Robot, Orange is the New Black and now The Gilmore Girls. Plus I’ve been watching Jane the Virgin on 4OD, and The Big Bang Theory, and New Girl, and The Goodwife (which I should stop watching because it stopped being decent several seasons ago)
  2. The house being a home owner when your also a lazy person takes a lot of time! Getting ready to clean the house (i.e. 1 and saying I’m getting up, honest), actually cleaning the house, food shopping, cooking and that’s when we’re doing pretty much none of the DIY jobs that need doing
  3. Pokemon Go, yeah I’m one of those! Totally addicted! But it gives me exercise, which I do need
  4. Being lazy, yeah, well that’s always been a problem!
  5. Work, not that I’ve had stuff to do at home, just that it’s been busy. End of year so much to do in preschool, which makes 4 worse
  6. Heathstone- maybe I should have just said computer games, but this one is holding less attention now.

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  1. Kellyn Roth

    I know what you mean … “life,” as in goofing around, is so distracting! 😀 And you have some “real” life stuff on there, too, which is more than I can say … 😉


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