Raven Girl Ballet

Back when I reviewed Raven Girl the book I mentioned that there was a ballet coming out. Well I went with two friends. My friends hadn’t read the book, and the only ballet I’d ever seen before was them dancing at uni (which isn’t really the same as professional ballet). So I think we made quite a good little group to go together.

In some ways I think it might have been better if I didn’t have prior knowledge of the book because I kept getting lost trying to work out which part of the book things were. When I spoke to my friends about this they said that ballet tends to go off on pretty tangents, so it might not have been any particular part of the story.

However I’m not sure if I would have understood what was going on without having read the book.

The dancing was rather beautiful, and I loved how they used images from the book along wth the dancing. Plus some bits were really clever.

It was jointly done with the ballet Connectome and I think I actually enjoyed that more just because I was enjoying the ballet itself rather than trying to find a story.


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