Back in September I went of hiatus from this blog. I have been thinking for a few weeks that maybe I am ready to come back, but had a lot of deliberating about how to come back.

Part of me wanted to give an explanation, part of me wanted more than that, part of me just wanted to dive back in as if nothing had happened.

But this blog has been going a while and I feel I owe something to my readers.

In September my Mum died. She had secondary breast cancer. Her death was something we expected but her condition got a lot worse very quickly. I miss her everyday and I didn’t want to have to think about updating this blog.

I did think of making a little obituary type post, with a bookish slant, but whilst I feel prepared to start making my steps back into the book blogging world I do not feel ready to discuss things so openly, and I feel that my words could not express what I would really want to say.

I did however want to say something because I can’t promise that my blog will fully come back to itself. The Children’s Hour feature in particular was something I shared with my Mum, and if I’m just not feeling like posting I won’t. Plus I have found that I have less concentration, which means that maybe I read a little less and a little slower, and can’t quite cope with more complex books.

I will be here, but for now I would say I am just dipping my feet in.


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  1. So sorry to hear about your Mum. That’s tough. I hope you are finding ways to cope.


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