Sunday Surfing 3/5/15

bird surf

Sunday Surfing is my weekly feature (inspired by Chrisbookarama‘s Friday Bookish Buzz, which is one of my favourite features) where I share my favourite links from during the week, about books and blogging. Plus a little about what’s happened on the blog this week.

Let’s get started.

Around the web this week

Ruth Rendell Passed Away

A Couple is Suing a Number of Indie Book Publishers Because a Photo of Them Was Used on the Cover of an Erotic Novel.

Anti-Nazi Graphic Novel Maus Has Been Banned in Russia under anti-nazi propaganda laws, because that makes sense

Should Hardcover Books Cost More?

UK Publishers Ordered to Stop Selling ‘The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared’ Over Royalties Battle

Would You Survive the Journey to Mount Doom?

And on the blog this week…

I Posted Some Short Reviews

I Reviewed ‘Raven Girl’

And ‘The Dirt’

The Kids Read ‘Fix It’

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