Sunday Surfing 26/4/15

bird surf

Sunday Surfing is my weekly feature (inspired by Chrisbookarama‘s Friday Bookish Buzz, which is one of my favourite features) where I share my favourite links from during the week, about books and blogging. Plus a little about what’s happened on the blog this week.

Let’s get started.

I’ve been on jury duty this week, which meant I’ve had a fair bit of time to sit and find interesting stuff online, this is going to be a long Sunday Surfing!

Around the web this week

80% of the Books Challenged Last Year Featured Diversity and/or Different Cultures

Little Reviews of All the Books on the World Book Night List

The Internet Seems to be Going Crazy on This Fan Theory of Why the Dursley’s Were so Horrible to Harry– even though it’s full of giant holes.

Memorable Animals in Literature

Around Half of the Money Earned By Writers is Earned by Just 5% of Them

Get Sorted by the Sorting Bot

And See if You Would Survive the Battle of Hogwarts

Why ‘Pay What You Want’ Bookshops Won’t Work

And on the blog this week…

Just one post, my evenings have been more busy!

How to Know You’re Still a Potterhead

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